Stretch and find peace: Yoga magic continues all over the globe



Yoga is born in India and the ancient yogis followed it to unite the mind and soul, and also for spiritual awakening. However, the ultimate goal is ‘MOKSHA’ (liberation)

The origin of this exercise is from the pre-Vedic traditions in India. Swami Vivekananda was successful in introducing yoga to the west in late 19th and early 20th century. Variety of yogasanas are followed in different communities such as Jain and Buddhism. In Hinduism, there is Jnana Yog, Bhakti Yog, Karma Yog, Laya Yog and Hatha Yog. Raja yog was originally referred to the ultimate goal which is ‘Samadhi’.

Raja yog was popularised by Swami Vivekananda as ‘Ashtanga Yoga’. Yogis are seen all over the world and the number of people following yoga practice is increasing rapidly.

Indian Yoggurus such as BKS Iyengar, K. Pattabhi Jois, Swami Veda Bharathi, and Swami Vivekananda have contributed a lot in terms of practicing yoga and also spreading its benefits to the world.

In the present times where the stress level is always high and ‘no time’ for exercise attitude have made people ill mentally and physically. Yoga is the need of the hour and age is no bar. 5-10 minutes of meditation or chanting OM helps to reduce the stress level and increases the quality of sleep.

     Benefits of Yoga    

  • Practising yog for 3 months will significantly lower the stress hormones and will keep you at peace. It helps you to connect with yourself and you will be at peace and satisfied even when you are alone and silent.
  •  Boosts the energy level, gives you positive vibes in your body which will help you to be more productive at work and active throughout the day. There is a release of more oxygen to your body which again adds up to your energy level. This will improve your quality of life and also a balances your mind and body.
  • People who have practiced yogasanas for at least eight weeks have noticed an improvement in the quality of sleep. It relaxes the nervous system which increases the quality of the sleep. It also calms the mind and there are specific poses which will help in sound sleep.
  • Practice helps to master the asanas

  • A yogi who has been practicing for years can do wonders with their asanas Isn’t it? Even though it seems to be impossible at the beginning but with practice, it is very much possible. Below are the some of the toughest asanas. ITThe more you practice the more flexible your body becomes.
    Yoganidrasana – Yoga Sleep Pose Image source: doyouyoga

    Kala-Bhairavasana-Destroyer-Of-The-Universe-Pose Image source: doyouyoga
  • Yoga helps in mindfulness, awareness of your breath, activate your mind and helps in connecting with ourselves. People watch TV while having their food and this is a wrong practice as your focus is not on what you eat. It is just like how a  machine works. Mindfulness is being completely aware of what you are eating and most importantly chewing your food completely mixing your saliva will not only help in proper digestion it will help you to make the right choice rather healthier choice of what you put inside your mouth.

What do Research and Study say on the Ancient form of exercise?

Yoga Alliance and Yoga journal conducted a survey and found that the number of Americans performing yogasanas has grown by over 50 percent in last four years to over 36 million as of 2016 from 20.4 million in 2012. The survey also found out that 9 out of 10 Americans have heard of yoga and 1 in 3 Americans have tried at least once and 15% of Americans have performed yogasanas in last 6 months.

A news published in Times of India on 2016 June 20th said that Gym across the metro cities in India has seen an increase in yoga practitioners. People say that yoga has helped them to fight addiction, diabetes, and even aging.

Ds Rawat Secretary General of ASSOCHAM said during the release of ASSOCHAM survey (The Associated Chambers of Commerce of India)

“Yog has grown in India from an ancient spiritual practice to big business and premium lifestyle, considering that there are an estimated four crore yoga practitioners across the country spending about Rs 1,000 crore on designer yoga-wear, mats, towels, luxury retreats thereby promoting the fitness industry,”

Every year on June 21 on International yoga day the participants are increasing. The enthusiasm to practice is beyond yoga day because the benefits are huge. The number of women yogis are more compared to male population. There are many people in the gym who switch to yoga from other exercise forms as yoga offers them strength, flexibility, toning and the technique of breathing right.

According to research, the asanas improve the social and occupational functioning in Schizophrenic patients.Right breathing techniques and mudras help in fighting depression and anxiety. Yoga is all about breathing right, stretching and holding breaths gives a positive effect on our mind as well as on our body.  





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