First ever Women Bikers from BSF make a Spectacular debut on Republic Day 2018.

all Women bikers

All Women bikers from BSF create history at Republic Day parade 2018 and receive appreciation from PM, President and ASEAN dignitaries.

The cultural diversity, breathtaking performances, and the well-coordinated parade were seen at 69th Republic Day of India in Rajpath Delhi. The highlight of the R-day parade this year was from a team of BSF (Border Security Force) all women bikers who performed daring stunts on Royal Enfield motorbikes during the parade. The woman constables created jaw-dropping formations like the peacock, faulaad, saptarishi, side riding and fish riding. The act received a huge applause from the audience.

The Dignitaries from 10 ASEAN countries were at wow while watching the bike stunts. There were more than 100 women participants called “Seema Bhawani” which performed 16 gravity-defying acrobats formation while riding 350 cc motorbikes. Team Seema Bhawani was constituted only in the year 2016 and the women started with basics of basic to ride a bike then started with acrobats training. Their practice sessions were rigorous, but the team was a quick learner.

The chief coach and commander Ramesh Chandra said “Almost 70% of the women in the contingent did not even know how to ride a cycle. Only three had ridden a scooter and two knew how to ride a motorbike. So I had to begin with teaching them the basics of riding. Acrobatics came much later,”

It was BSF General KK Sharma who came up with the idea of forming an all-woman bikers group in 2016. Women from were handpicked from all over the country to be the part of the squad said Deputy Inspector General Pushpendra Rathore.

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