How to Unlock iPhone 6 Passcode? (4/5S/6Pus/7/8)

Unlock iPhone Passcode

For first time usersĀ “iPhone is disabled” must be a terrifying message to see. You get this messages when you enter the wrong passcode into your iPhone for 6 times in a row. Let’s get straight to the point. No theory classes on this site. There are 3 ways in which you can Unlock iPhone/ iPad Passcode.

Below we have listed the 3 methods that will help you Unlock your iOS device. We have tried to keep it straightforward and simple. Depending on the method you choose you may or may not lose the data on your iPhone 6.

3 Methods to Unlock iPhone 6 Passcode

  1. Using iTunes
  2. Using iCloud
  3. Using recovery mode

Note: As you don’t remember the password you will have to erase all the data on your iOS device. You may, later on, restore it from the backup. In case you don’t have a backup, you will lose all the data on your iPhone 6.

Unlock iPhone Passcode

Using iTunes to Unlock iPhone 6 Passcode

  • To unlock iPhone 6 Passcode using iTunes you need to connect it to the computer on which you have connected your iOS device before. If you don’t have access to that PC you can use the recovery method to unlock the passcode.
  • Once you have successfully connected your iPhone / iPad to the computer you usually sync with, it will automatically sync and create a back up for your iPhone 6 or any other iOS device.
  • All done. Just restore your iPhone by selecting the proper backup.
  • Once the backup is restored take a long breath and use your iPhone. It’s unlocked.

Using iCloud to Unlock iPhone/iPad Passcode

To use this method to unlock your iPhone passcode the Find my iPhoneĀ feature should be enabled on your iPhone or iOS device. Follow the steps below to unlock your iOS device using iCloud.

  • Go to com/#find.
  • Log in to your iCloud Apple id.
  • Erase the device you want to erase from the list of devices.
  • Select the backup you want to restore into your iPhone.

Using Recovery Mode to Unlock iPhone 6 (5S/4S/iPad)

If you are unlucky enough to not sync your device even once on your computer neither you have to Find my iPhone feature enabled, Recovery mode helps to unlock iPhone passcode. Follow the steps precisely.

  • Disconnect all the cables connect to your iPhone 6.
  • Now hold the sleep/wake button and turn off your device. Don’t release the sleep button.
  • At the same time plug-in your device to the computer.
  • Don’t release the home button until you see connect to iTunes 
  • Open iTunes. Select ok and restore your device.

We hope this article was helpful and unlocked your iPhone 6 passcode. In case you failed to unlock passcode just drop a comment below with the problem you faced. We will address your issue and try to help with it ASAP.


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