The ultimate guide for wearing jeans at work and yet look professional.


A pair of well-fitted jeans or denim is must-have apparel all over the globe. Many offices are more lenient, about wearing denim to work even on weekdays. This freedom does not mean to dress exactly the way one does on ‘casual day’. Jeans when worn appropriately it makes you feel comfortable and most importantly looks professional.

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 One of the simplest ways to look a thorough professional while wearing denim is by sticking to dark-colored denim as they are closer to dark-colored formal pants. Dark-Colored jeans can easily be paired with any color top or shirts such as white, black, pastel, aqua blue and many more.







A white jean is also a classy choice and creates a formal look for work without a second thought. This white beauty clothing can also be paired with accessories like good quality leather belts, watches, and handbags. The white denim when paired with crisp shirts or light-colored tops looks elegant and suitable for workday. You can take the liberty and create your office look.



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A distressed jean is definitely a big NO. A light-colored denim is too casual. Distressed jeans are very much casual and may look unprofessional when worn at work. However, people working in the most creative field can go with this option but with caution. Please remember a ripped jean is not a right choice for client meet or a serious office meet or presentation.





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Skinny jeans paired with a blazer or formal shirt looks chic office wear. Give food to your creative mind and come up with your own personal style. Mix and match work well with skinny jeans. You can pair up with a dark-colored blazer or you can wear a top with a scarf. Refer to the pics attached for pairing ideas. 





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Denim trousers are also a good choice for those who want the comfort of a jean without worrying ‘dressed up in casual look’. Denim pants look polished and sophisticated when paired up with white shirt neatly tucked.





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Mid or high-rise styled jeans are the decent options for office wear. Low waist jeans at work  worn when paired with long top till the thighs. Low waist jeans will attract attention while picking up stuff from the floor which is a big NO in an office atmosphere. Denim can be very much worn on weekdays with little effort to mix and match your tops and shirts.





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A denim shirt seems to be a daring option. However, I think if it is paired with formal pants or black jeans neatly tucked in with a good pair of the belt, it can surely create a formal look. Do share your thoughts about this look.



We have covered the major story of how to wear denim on weekdays. To add up to the above information you should remember few more points such as


  • Accessorize well: As mentioned above accessories will make your denim look on a weekday look professional and polished. Accessories like good quality handbags well-fitted shoes goes really well jeans and top. Choosing your accessory wisely is the key.
  • Wear good heals: remember a slip-on or a sneaker goes really well on jeans but on a weekday. If you are wearing jeans on a weekday, you need really pair it up with footwear such as classic pumps, statement heels in color nude or black.
  • Tuck your top in: A neatly tucked-in shirt can never go wrong for a professional look. Be it formal pants or jeans. Whenever you wear denim for formal look prefer tucking your shirt in for a polished look. How about a crisp shirt neatly tucked-in a dark-colored jean?
  • Combine with a blazer: Never underestimate the power of a blazer when it comes to looking professional. A tailor-made blazer paired up with denim can be very much worn for business meetings and presentations.
  • Avoid embellishments: Embellishments on jeans especially on thigh area and back pocket may look fun and funky. But should be completely avoided for formal looks.

Jeans is not only the comfort clothing all around the globe. It lifts up the mood and makes you feel good. There are set of clothes in everyone’s wardrobe which is favorites because you feel good or you like them for no special reason. denim is one of them.  Choose the best option from above ideas and rock your jeans on a formal day.

Happy styling for work!!


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