A complete guide on why everyone should travel solo at least once.

Traveling solo
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Traveling Solo

Traveling is exploring new places and it’s the best way to be out of mundane routine. It is a stress buster and different delicacies make the travel all the more interesting. People travel with friends and family and return home with a whole lot of experience and freshness. Traveling solo has its own beauty and advantages and will discuss in detail.

  • Traveling solo is bliss and takes the traveling experience to another level; there are numerous travel bloggers who post their experience with wonderful pictures of different food they tried, the resort and sight-seeing experience of their solo travel. You too must have got the idea of traveling alone at least once right? Yes each one of us should experience traveling alone because its one life and traveling solo add meaning and adventure to our lives.
  • Initially, the thought of traveling solo can be scary but that feeling vanishes as soon as you reach your destination and start your exploring journey. Let us find out in detail why you should travel solo at least once and who knows? Once you are back from your solo trip you will be a frequent solo traveler

Let’s see what traveling solo offers you

You connect with yourself: When you travel alone you get a lot of ME time and it is the best way to connect yourself and meet the real you. It is said that the biggest discovery is when you discover yourself and when you travel alone the only company you have is YOU.  You will also find out that sitting silently in your room watching the scenery or feeling the breeze is so important. Walking in the woods or in nature will surely help you to connect with yourself and love the way you are without worrying about anything. You will discover your passion!

 You will discover the place and learn more than a guidebook: Referring a guidebook is good as you will at least have a basic idea of the place where you want to visit. of course, you can ask and collect information at the hotel reception. But when you visit the place all by yourself you will surely discover more places than mentioned in the guidebook or by the people you asked. For instance, a small cafe or a small temple may not be mentioned or told but when you visit there you would see the place and that place may the best part of your visit.

 You are the boss and you are the planner: When you travel alone you can decide where you want to eat, which sight you will visit first or you can even omit a sight or you can only visit one sight a day. And once you find out that you are taking the right decisions you will start believing more in your instincts and you will become more independent. The choice is yours to be scheduled or unscheduled and there is no one to judge you.

You will start valuing the people in your life: Distance will help you to appreciate the people you have in your life. Distance also clears your mind and misunderstanding (if any you have). When you go far away from your loved ones it is just a break and you will realize how much you miss them. In case you are in a confused relationship distance will also help you to take the right decision.

 You will get out your comfort zone: “As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.” — Robin S. Sharma, author, and inspirational speaker.

Exploring new places, new culture, meeting new people will not give you a healthy push it will also encourage you to explore more.

 Travelling will help you to realize your strength and capabilities: Some days you may find a group of people with whom you mingle and travel, other days you may have to plan and travel all alone and this is the time when you will realize how strong you are at managing different situations.

Travelling will give you the freedom like never before, however, it is really important for you to prep and plan your travel plan wisely below are the tips to follow:

  • Do not get carried away by the travel plan posted on the internet, it is ok to take reference but have a thorough plan designed by you as per your needs and limitation.
  • Stay low key. Protect your identity as and when required and do not let all the people you meet to know that you are traveling solo for the first time.
  • Have patience, it may be little difficult initially to reach and get to know the city. Give time to yourself, relax and watch the city and slowly settle in.
  • You are traveling solo but do not be lonely. Take day tour, visit a coffee shop, learn few words of the local language, have a smile, establish a routine to get to know the right people.

We are sure you will plan your solo trip soon and become a frequent solo traveler for wonderful life experience. Do share your traveling solo experience with us.


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