Top 6 haunted places near Pune


Every city has some taboo places with haunting stories about them. In Pune also there are many places where one would not dare to enter after sunset. Below is the list of top 6 haunted places in Pune,

  1. The Shaniwarwada Fort:

Shaniwarwada was the seat of the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire. This fort in Pune is said to have haunted by the spirit of Peshwa Narayanrao. The story of the assassination of Peshwa Narayanrao is that his uncle Raghunathrao asked the Gardis to capture Narayanrao but the message was changed by Raghunathraos wife and the Gardis assassinated Narayanrao. At the last moment of his life, he was said to have run towards the uncle’s residence shouting ‘Kaka Mala Wachwa’ meaning ‘uncle save me’. Some people have reported of hearing the cries of Narayanrao Shaniwarwada.

  1. Sinhgad College of Engineering:

Pune is the hub of engineering education and one of the college Sinhgad College of Engineering has a reputation for being strict towards the academic activities. In the past students from this college have committed suicide because of the pressure of study. The spirit of one such student is said to have to roam the Lonavala campus of the institute. The students of the college avoid going alone outside after sunset.

  1. Choice hostel Karve road:

It is one of the best accommodations available in Pune for students but it has on drawback it is haunted!. The students have reported of seeing a lady in red saree roaming the hostel premises though she hasn’t harmed anyone to date.

  1. Chandan Nagar:

A little girl in a white frock and a doll in her hand is cute but not when she is roaming the streets in the midnight. The residents of Chandan Nagar have seen a girl roaming in the night, she is said to have died during the construction of on building.

  1. The Mansion on Residency Club Road:

This mansion is said to have been haunted by a spirit of an old lady who was murdered in this mansion. People have reported of seeing a shadow of an old lady in the window asking for help.

  1. The Haunted House on MG Road:

The house on MG road is abandoned by its owners. It is said that a young girl is killed there and her spirit is roaming the bungalow. People have reported of hearing the cries of a girl and sound of banging of doors and windows.

In the end, it is up to an individual whether he/ she wants to believe in stories or not. But why take chances …. because someone might be watching you…..


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