Tips to fight Depression

fight depression

We all have been sad and depressed in our lives.Depression is the byproduct of our sedentary lifestyle.

There are two types of people with this problem-

1.People who are severely damaged by this chemical imbalance and needs medication and treatment.

2.People who are sad due to some problems and want to bounce back in their life

This article is not supposed to people of the first type but is focussed for people who want to bounce back in their lives.

fight depression


We are going to learn 7 natural ways to overcome depression without taking happy pills.

1.Set goals

2.Get outside

3.Do exercise

4.Do friendship with people

5.Sleep a lot

6.Overcome negative thoughts

7.Eat healthy


Always something special happens when paper meets main and we write down our goals.

We start thinking positively about achieving those goals.Our brain chemistry changes and lit our thinking to achieve those goals.

From the moment you write your goals or list them, forget everything and go mad for their achievement.

Take things one day at a time and compliment yourself.The steps may look small but one day you will reach a long way.


Don’t sit in your room all day long.Go outside and interact with people.Cultivate strong relationships with people as it gives you the moral support to walks in your life.

Be with people, share things with them and your sadness will disappear unknowingly.

Interact, people, face to face, never do it online.


If you are physically fit and have lots of stamina in you, do a one-hour cardio session.

After one hour when your t-shirt will be wet and your body pumped up, heart beating fast relax for some time and go for a shower.After this “try to be sad”

I bet you cant be sad!you can be just happy


It’s really easy to make friends.Everyone on earth wants to be heard, appreciated and loved.

Start making friends by hearing, appreciating and loving people you like and one day you will get everything back in return for getting all your sorrows.


Some people say, sleeping leads to depression but I don’t believe it.The right amount of sleep is healthy for our mind and body.

Get enough rest and stay fresh always.


Depression changes the way we look towards anything, toward yourself in a negative way.We are in a trap of negative thinking.

In this situations highlight this words in your mind “THINK POSITIVE, BE HAPPY”

Ways to overcome negative thinking:

1.Think outside yourself

2.Allow yourself to be less than perfect

3.Socialise with positive people

4.Keep negative thought log.


What you eat has a direct effect on how you feel.Always eat a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and some amount of fat.

tips on eating:

1.Don’t skip meals.

2.Minimize sugar and refined carbs

3.Focus on complex carbs.

4.Eat a lot of b vitamins.

5.Take chromium supplement


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