First time in History of Supreme Court, Top four judges address the media to save the institution.

Supreme Court judges
Source: DNAIndia

Supreme Court judges (from L-R ) Kurian Joseph, J Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi and MB Lokur address the media in New Delhi on Friday.

Four senior most Supreme Court judges called media on Friday at short notice, to express their disagreement with the chief justice of India (CJI) for the allocation of the cases and his administration style. There are confirmed reports that the allocation of cases relating to Judge Loya’s mysterious death in 2014. Judge Loya was hearing the Sorabuddin encounter case.

Justice J Chelameshwar along with other senior judges said they have been “compelled to call” the media. He further said “This is an extraordinary event in the history of the nation, more particularly this nation. The administration of the Supreme Court is not in order and many things which are less than desirable have happened in last few months.”

The Supreme court judges also shared the letter written to the CJI two months ago to take certain steps. Justice Chelameshwar read out the letter at the press conference and later circulated to the media.

Attorney General KK Venugopal, the top law officer said “As a result of this, (press conference by the judges) the media is speaking only about this matter and it is being blown up out of proportion. The result is that the public may lose confidence in the institution itself. It is necessary that the judges show statesmanship, wisdom and experience. They should swiftly move to resolve the difference within the next two days so there is harmony and peace”
The Congress party expressed to have a detailed investigation into the death of Justice Loya and the matter must be assigned to the topmost judges of the Supreme Court.

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