The Best Education Option: Germany or Australia?

Studying abroad

Studying abroad comes with huge opportunity and knowledge, however choosing the right country and university is a herculean task. When searching for Studying abroad options Germany and Australia are two countries often opted by Indians students. However, factors like cost of living, job opportunities, visa process and most vital factor course details and eligibility needs research and analysis. Here is some of the handy information for students to choose the best.

1.Courses offered by respective countries:


2. Visa Procedure:


  • Permit residence is required for students to stay more than 90 days.
  • A minimum fund of worth €8,640 is required to be shown as proof of funds for the cost of living.
  • Residence permit needs renewal after two years as the validity of residence permit is only for two years.


  • The Australian government does not require visa label in the passport.
  • Visa holder students can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during their course in Australia.
  • Students who enrolled for full-time study are the ones who are eligible for a student visa. (Part-time, distance education is not applicable).


  1. Eligibility


For PG course, bachelors’ degree in a relevant stream (equivalent to German standards) is required. Some universities may also require well scoring in GMAT or GRE. High proficiency level in Germany language is required if a student opts for German language program.

It is also advisable to check with the concerned university about the requirement and eligibility.


12 years of pre-university education is required by almost all the universities in Australia (Under graduation courses). For post-graduation, a three year under graduation degree is a must.

  1. Cost of Living
  • Germany: Approx €8,790 – €28,640 per year which includes 3-4 years course expenses (UG), Tuition, and Accommodation.
  • Cost of PG course in Germany 1-2 years €10,640 – €38,640 per year, plus tuition and accommodation
  • Australia: Approx $34,000-$53,000 per year which includes 3 years course expenses (UG), Tuition, Accommodation and other expenses.
  • Cost of PG course in Australia 1-2 years $39,000-$57,000 per year plus tuition and accommodation.

5. Scope of permanent residency

  • Germany: If a student is residing on German residence permit for five years, she/he can apply for German permanent visa.
  • Australia has a long procedure. The officials from immigration office scrutinize background in detail to avoid frauds. It is a lengthy procedure but one does get the citizenship after passing the scrutiny.
  1. Job opportunities
  • Germany: Building and construction, health sector, telecommunication and electronic industry are some of the top industries for a job in Germany.
  • Australia: Education, accounts, hospitality, medical services are some the top industries for a job in Australia.

Rise and Shine and Happy Studying abroad!!


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