12 smart tips for students to learn faster and remember better during exams

Students smart tips learn faster exam study

Smarty Students follow smart tips to learn faster in the exam and enjoy the study. Hence you should be a Smarty and not a Hardy when it comes to studies.Hardy works really hard to remember what he/she studies but fails miserably on exam day, forget about remembering for a lifetime.

Remember Rancho from 3 Idiots said, “Don’t Chase success chase excellence and success will come looking for you”.  So be a Smarty and focus on perfection and understand the concepts than mugging up like Chatur a Hardy just to score good marks in exams. So there is no need to stress your mind and make studies a burden, instead follow these smart tips to be successful in your exams and imply your learning’s in your life: That’s the real purpose of Knowledge and Education Right?

Below are the smart tips for Students to learn faster in the exam and enjoy the study process

1.Learn a topic or a lesson in various forms: learning a lesson in various forms will help you to register the information quickly in your brain and you can also retain the information, For example, let us see what are the different forms in which one can learn about human brain, you can refer to the class notes which you must have taken down, you can refer a video you can refer images which explains the process on how the human brain functions. With the information collected, you can create a mind map and also write it down for your understanding.

2.Focus more on understanding than memorizing:

Do not mug up understand the concepts this way the learning process becomes fun and you tend to remember things better and many years. Yes, the definitions or sentences in your book needs to be written the way it is mentioned but first, understand the definition and memorize it rather than just mugging up each and every word without understanding the meaning. There are research and studies which have proved that understanding the concepts and meaning is the right way to study. Understanding will help you learn the deeper meaning whereas memorizing will be superficial and for short term.

3.Combine different subjects in a day than one subject in a day: Studying history, Geography, English, and Math in a day will give better results of understanding and focus than picking up a single subject for a complete day. You need not follow a timetable for each subject on a specific day. Our mind tends to get confused if we study a lot about one subject. Try it out and let us know your experience.     

 4.Get a good night sleep: Sleep helps our mind and body to relax and it further helps us to be focused and productive. So if you want better results in your exams cut down late night parties and get yourself at least 8 hours of sleep and get up refreshed the next morning and then study. You will surely notice the difference.

Also, drink enough water to keep your body hydrated as dehydration will have a worse effect on your body and will definitely be a hindrance to your studies and your goal. Drink well but do not drink too much of water!

With good sleep, proper hydration you also need to eat a healthy meal for the supply nutrients and other vitamins in your body. Include vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, whole grains and protein in your diet.

5.Stay away from social media distractions while studying: A buzz from your mobile can immediately ruin your study time and you will not even realize that you have spent hours and hours checking your social media notifications and messages. Put off all the notifications and stay away from all the social media platforms when you are studying.  Stay focused only on those sites which are related to your study and close rest of the browsers. You can also put your mobile phone on Airplane mode during your study time.

6.Take regular breaks in between your study time: Taking breaks will refresh your mind instantly and you will return with a fresh mood to study ahead. Continuous study for 5-9 hours will do no good. So take a 5-10 minutes break during your study time and make sure you go back to your books once your break time is over. Again stay away from mobile phones during your break time as cell phones will not allow your mind to relax completely.

7.Read out loud: When you read out loud you are not only looking at the words but you are also listening. The information gets register faster in your brain. Sometimes when it is not possible to read loudly, mark the important points or words and later read it out loud. Follow reading loud practice at least for important information if not for whole study time.

8.Imagine (Visual Thinking): Imagine your study matter in all the possible ways. For example, if you are studying about numbers say 546789 you can relate each number with a picture. By following this method there is a movie going on in your mind in relation to each number mentioned above. This will help you to remember things for a longer time. This is the method where indefinite number combinations are remembered.

9.Use Acronyms: There would be situations when you get confused with names of the formula, special words, Acronyms is the Solution! For example, you can use MMMMM for Major Malady of Modern Medical Miscommunication. (You can remember 5 times M). You can create your own acronyms whenever you are in the middle of the confusion. Try it out!

 10.Teach someone:  If you teach someone you need to understand the concepts clearly. Plus when you teach someone you understand the difficult concepts. Teaching a friend will be a revision for yourself plus when you clarify his/her doubts the concepts stay with you forever and will surely help you to perform well in your exams.

11.Group Study: You can join a students study group or you and your friends can form a study group. In a group study there would multiple solutions for one problem and there would be many opinions and thoughts on one question. It would make the study a fun experience without compromising on the knowledge and preparation.

12.Focus on the process of the preparation and stop worrying: Your study time should be your study time. Stay focus and Stay motivated. As it is said when your efforts are sincere there is no need to worry about the outcome.

Stressing about exams can be solved by writing down the fears you have. Whenever you feel low or getting nervous thinking about the exams, just write down your thoughts on a piece of paper and it will surely make you feel light and help you to concentrate on your studies.

And remember Education is not only about getting grades and these above tips are not only for scoring good marks. These tips will help you with the directions for your growth and knowledge. All the best! Happy Studying



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