How to Stop Farting? 9 Ways That Will Stop Embarrassment in Public

How to Stop Farting

Farting? you have 2 types of memories associated with this word: embarrassing and Funny. Of course, when we let on rip it’s embarrassing and when one of our friend rip it’s funny. In this article, we are going to deal with the embarrassing situation. Almost everyone has gone through this situation few times in their life. Is farting our fault? No, it is not but it is easily avoidable.

When it comes to health it’s always better to deal with the situation by eliminating the root cause itself. In case of farting, you need to find the root cause of your frequent farting. There are many possible causes listed below in this article. Choose the one that is causing you embarrassment and follow the solution provided.

How to Stop Farting


What is Farting/Flatulence?

In simple words, it is a gas that is released from the anus. It may be with or without noise and smell. For others, it’s funniest but the person who farts is in the extremely embarrassing situation. Now let’s understand what actually happens.

  • After eating when food enters in the stomach, the stomach breaks down food into small particles. Food then moves to small intestine which further breaks food into much smaller particles. Complete digestion takes place here.
  • Now the undigested or unbroken food particles move to the large intestine and then out of the body as solid waste. During this time certain food particles produce gas as a by-product which is known as a fart.

If we know the cause we can avoid the consequences which in this case is Flatulence. The basic reason for farting is indigestion of foods.

What causes Farting

  • There are certain foods which produce gas by acting negatively with the intestinal bacteria. The only way in which the gas gets ripped out-of-body is from the anus.
  • Lactose intolerant people are more likely to fart as the Lactose brew in the stomach which produces the gas.
  • A large number of bacteria in colon results in building up gas which ultimately leads to farting.
  • We love drinking carbonated drinks and chewing gums. Well, along with them we unknowingly swallow a large amount of air which results in gas.
  • Same thing happens with Smoking. You swallow a large amount of air which gets trapped in your stomach. Results into farting.

Why Fart Smell Bad?

You know you are about to lose some air or fart, the last thing you expect is no bad smell. In that way, nobody will know and we will nearly escape the shame. Well, this does not happen all the time. Below is the list of reasons why fart smell so bad?

  • When you fart you let out some gases. In simple words the gas that smells bad release the bad smell. Gases like nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane are odourless and hence the fart does not smell bad which contain this gases.
  • On the other side of the story, bad-smelling farts contain gases like hydrogen sulphide and Mercaptans.
  • Foods like Meat, Eggs, Cheese and cruciferous and vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage. cause bad-smelling farts.

When to consult a Doctor?

Farting is something everyone faces and there is nothing to be concerned about. However, when you face excessive farting along with some more symptoms it’s time to consult with a doctor. Below are some conditions in which you should look for professional help.

  • Frequent farting where you don’t have control.
  • In case of releasing excessive air when you fart.
  • Most of the times your fart smell bad.
  • Abdominal cramps.
  • Bloating sensation in abdomen.

How to Avoid and Control Farting/Flatulence?

Now you have an idea about why Farting occurs, why does it smell bad, what foods cause farting and most important Farting can be avoided easily.

  • Reduce Carbonated Drinks

More carbonated drinks you drink more are the chances of Farting. Carbonated drinks such as Soda, Beer, beverages make your intestine fill your intestine with more air than it should be. Overall Beer is worst Carbonated drink when it comes to avoid farting as it’s highly carbonated. Your farting will reduce greatly if you reduce intake of carbonated drinks or avoid them totally.

  • Stay Away from Sugar

It’s good to avoid sugar completely in case of excessive farting. You should at least reduce the intake of sugar. Sugar breaks down quickly in your gut and hence more gas release and ultimately more chances of Farting.

  • Reduce Starch Intake or Eat Rice for Starch requirements

All types of grains and rice are recommended to be eaten every day. In fact, in most of the Asian countries rice is consumed in almost every meal. Other starch sources such as Wheat, Potato, Noodles etc are very hard to digest and may lead to farting. Rice is the best Starch to consume as it gets digested quickly.

  • Quit Chewing gum 

It’s straightforward, the more gum you chew the more air you swallow and ultimately more chances of farting. It’s better to quit chewing gum today to address farting problem.

  • Quit Smoking

Just like Chewing gum smoking makes us swallow more air an help farting. Quit smoking to reduce farting.

  • Proper diet reduces Farting 

Proper diet with the right amount of Proteins, vitamin and other nutrients helps to reduce farting. Digestion is the key to stop farting.

  • Use Anti-bloating capsules

If for some reasons you can’t use the above methods or want a more effective way of controlling farts, use of anti-bloating capsules is highly recommended. They prevent the building of gas in the stomach.

Recommended Anti bloating Capsules: Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal

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