Steve Jobs-Designer of Designers



Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.

–steve jobs

some stats:

Name Steven Paul Jobs
birth date feb 24 1955-Oct 5 2011
birthplace san Francisco,California,us.
occupation co-founder, chairman and CEO,Pixar,
education reed college dropped out.
spouse laurence Powell
relegion zen Buddhism

young age

Feb 24, 1955, the day steven job was born, in san francisco in california in united states. Joanne Simpson and Abdulfattah Jandali, had adopted steve by a lower-middle-class couple from south of the Bay Area, Paul and Clara Jobs.

Young steve grew in the valley of apricot orchards which was turning into the centre of computer technology wll known as silicon valley.Steve developed a keen intrest in electronics. Stephen Wozniak  was steve’s friend who shared his intrests in electronics withe steve.steve went to Reed college in oregeon.However he dropped out from that expensive arts college after just one semester.At the age of 19 steve and his friend travelled to india to seek enlightment.


After Steve came back to silicon valley he focussed on the computer.steve friend woz got an idea of designing an own computer..and this was the time for apple to born. Apple’s first year in business consisted of assembling the boards in Steve’s garage and driving to local computer stores to try and sell them. Meanwhile, Woz worked on a new, much-improved computer, the Apple II, which he basically finished in 1977. Both Woz and Steve knew the Apple II was a breakthrough computer, much more advanced than anything the market had ever seen. That’s why Steve set out to find venture capitalists to fund Apple’s expansion.

Steve Jobs


MARKULLA former Intel executive invested $250,000 in their business and gave them the moral support. Mike was right. The Apple II soon became the symbol of the personal computing revolution worldwide. It crushed all competition both because of its breakthrough hardware features (including its colour graphics) and its very large supply of compatible software. The key to Apple II’s success was actually VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet program ever brought to market. Thousands of people bought Apple IIs just to use it. As a result, the company grew at a very fast rate, and went public after just four years of existence, in December 1980. Steve Jobs’ net worth passed the $200 million mark on that day — he was only 25

a threat to apple

In 1981 IBM was trying to enter the personal computer market.Apple had to do something crackin to stick in the competition and market and that was the time APPLE III bombed in the marketplace.

LISA: where they spent all their energy was a project headed by Steve jobs, a name was inspired by his ex-girl friend’s daughter.Graphical user interface instead to command line interface made Lisa computer a big hit.Apple was the first company to bring this concept into a market.Too angry Steve was soon thrown out of the Lisa project due to his anger.Later he took the small project MACINTOSH in hand as a revenge.steve recruited a team of brilliant young engineers in Macintosh project and always kept their spirits high by calling them, pirates.

Even though the Mac project was controversial as it threatened both Apple II and Lisa, and because Steve Jobs antagonized it against the rest of the company, it soon became crucial to Apple’s future because Lisa proved yet another market failure. Steve was supported in his mission by John Sculley, Apple’s CEO, whom he hired in 1983 to help him run the company and groom him into a top executive. In January 1984, he introduced Macintosh to great fanfare.

Steve was stunned. Apple was his life, and he was kicked out of it. He started travelling around looking for new ways to spend his energy. It was actually in that second half of 1985 that he was introduced to a small team of brilliant computer graphics experts that George Lucas was trying to sell. They all shared a common dream of making animated movies with computers. Steve was interested and he eventually bought the company for $10 million in 1986, incorporating it as Pixar.


1985 to 1995 steve worked for

comeback of steve

THINK DIFFERENT was Apple’s new slogan in their revolutionary marketing campaign.POWER MAC G3 and POWER BOOK were two successfully launched products of apple.IMAC the new desktop computer introduced by Steve was the big hit.


2006 was a crucial year for Apple in three aspects.

1.succes of mac.

2.full acceptance of apple since crucial development in 2006

3.back dating of steve.

steve-life of visionary

oct 5 2011 Steve left this world due to cancer. Steve Jobs is undeniably an extraordinary man by any standard. He has left his mark on no less than five industries: personal computers with Apple II and Macintosh, music with iPod and iTunes, phone with iPhone, and animation with Pixar. The middle-class hippie kid with no college education that he was built a computer empire and became a multi-millionaire in a few years, was fired from his own company before coming back a decade later to save it and turn it into one of the world’s most influential corporations, with millions of fans around the world. He has also contributed to the creation of the new leader in animated movies for decades to come. He has been called a fluke for years but is now widely acknowledged as one the world’s most eminent business executives and an unrivalled visionary. He has changed millions of lives by making technology easy-to-use, exciting and beautiful.… And you know what the best part is? He’s not done yet.


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