How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android phone

Deleted Photos

In today’s era, Android devices are the most widespread devices which are being used by almost everyone. Every person uses their smartphones to keep all their important data init, whether messages, images, videos or other data. But there is one thing for which each person is concerned and that is what if the data on your smartphone or tablet may get lost and they have even kept the back up of their device. To avoid these types of situations one must use a recovery software which helps users to restore their different types of data.   Recovery software helps persons to recover deleted photos from android phone or any other important data in just few mouse clicks and short span of time. In this article, we will guide you “How to recover deleted photos from android phone“?

Deleted Photos

Mobikin Doctor is one such software which is basically designed for the android devices which helps you to restore your data. It’s a multi-functional application which you need to install on your desktop or laptop. The application is compatible with all different types of Operating Systems including Windows Vista, Windows 7 and others.  Some of the features of the Mobikin recovery Program are mentioned below:

  • MobiKin Doctor for AndroidProgram can be used for Windows as well as MAC devices.
  • The software allows the android users to restore 8 types of Android data including images, messages, videos and even contacts from any kind of android phones as well as tablets.
  • All the contacts and the messages can be restored and can be saved in any format of your choice.
  • The program is almost compatible with all the android phones including Samsung, HTC, Nokia and other brands.
  • The software is being supported by all the versions of the Android including the latest one.
  • This software has a built-in preview feature which helps to view all the contents of the data in a detailed view before recovery.

How to Get back lost pictures from android phone?

Various Steps have to be performed recover deleted photos from an android phone with the help of MobiKin recovery software.

Firstly one needs to install the application on the desktop/laptop. For restoring all the photos, contacts and messages from your mobile phone, one needs to root their device.  To start the process of the recovering, enable the USB debugging on your smartphone before connecting it to the system. After the USB debugging, connect the Android device to the system. Then open the user interface of the application where one can view all the files or folders on your smartphone as well as a memory card on the screen of the system. After viewing all the data, one can select the data which you need to restore. After selecting all the photos or data, one can click on the Recover button which is there at the bottom of the screen. After clicking, it will recover all your data on the computer at the desired place which is being selected by the user.

This is the recovery software which is being used by millions of users all over the world due to its easy method of recovering lost data.


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