How reading can change your life for good?


Once you learn to read, you will be forever free. —Frederick Douglass.

Reading is like a Meditation! It is refreshing and bliss. It is a precious habit that one can gift self, or pass on to someone. There are many prisons where the prisoners are given books to read and their lives change drastically and give birth to positive approach towards their life. It leads towards the path of knowledge and education.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world- Nelson Mandela.

There are no good or bad books it is just about the choices we make. If we do not like a particular book we can always switch to another one. Every kind of book should be read and experienced!

When it comes to parenting, Inculcating a habit to read in kids is the best ever parenting tip. It is important to read to your kids, for them to start reading. Books are the best companion one can have; introduce your kids to this companion as early as possible.

During the journey of reading you will come across some of the books which will build a connection with the author or the writer, Sometimes it would be much more than that it would help you to connect with yourself, the universe or those words, quotes mentioned in the book will motivate you to start working towards your life goals, ambition or dream. Reading can do magic. Reading books will make you realize that you are not alone who has struggles, dreams, broken heart and you realize these are part and parcels and you rise as a PHOENIX.

You should read because it will

  • Build your vocabulary which is pretty obvious. There are studies and research which says that better vocabulary will make you a person who can converse well and write well.
  • Reading regularly will also help you understand people better and you will start accepting people the way they are. You will understand that you need not react immediately when you do not agree with someone or when someone yells at you. You would be still able to convey what you want to but in a subtle and matured way.
  • Reading a book does need patience and focus and once reading becomes a habit, the attitude towards life and people start changing for good.
  • Reading takes care of your mental health:
  • Reading gives you a strong memory. As mentioned above reading needs focus, concentration and reading regularly will help to boost your memory. You may also remember a character from a book you read long ago or a history details or date which you would not remember otherwise.
  • It will make you a good listener: A person who reads a book is already a listener as he/she is already listening to the writer, the voice of the writer is his/her words and you are reading his thoughts and views. A reader who can read a book for hours together automatically becomes a good listener. A good listener is a sign of good manners and good human being.
  • You will be a confident person: Reading books will help to present yourself in a better way in front of people. As your vocabulary level is high by now, you will be a hit while a power point presentation or addressing a crowd.
  • You will love to spend time with yourself: As the saying goes ‘Book is the best friend’. Spending time with our self is a must. Once you start connecting with yourself you would be able to connect with your loved ones and friends easily. Only when we have in abundance we can give and share with others more. Reading will make you fall in love with yourself and spread happiness to others.
  • Choosing right book as per your life goal will help you to reach your goal. A person who has an aim to be a successful businessman must-read books related to his stream. A person seeking spiritual awakening will reach to books about spiritual details. A person looking to develop his cooking skills should read ‘cookbooks’ and like so.

However, a person can read any kind of books and it will surely give him/her the knowledge and experience.

Start reading if you haven’t yet and once you fall in love with reading spread it to others.

Happy Reading!


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