Indian Air Force officer Captain Arun Marwah accused of leaking data to ISI spy.

officer Arun Marwah
Image source:India today

Indian Air force officer Arun Marwah was honey trapped by ISI pretending to be women. Currently, Arun Marwah is sent to police custody for 5 days.

Officer Arun Marwah was accused of leaking information to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI via social media. Mr. Arun was using Smartphone to click photographs of important documents of IAF headquarters and was sharing with two ISI agents who were pretending to be females.

Officer Arun Marwah had befriended the woman via Facebook as they had fake profiles as females. However, they started chatting regularly via WhatsApp and exchanged intimate messages. Once the trust built the agents asked for IAF documents. These documents mostly contained training and combat air exercises. The sources say Gagan Shakti was one exercise details which were shared by the officer to the ISI agents.

A few weeks ago, a senior Air force officer discovered the massive breach and set up an internal investigation. However the news of the arrest is not confirmed yet, the sources say Officer Arun Marwah was indulging in unwanted activities via unauthorized electronic devices.

The police are now in a process to identify Pakistani handlers and collect more information. Arun Marwah’s mobile phone is confiscated and sent for further examination. Arun Marwah has also confessed to having had access to secret documents and secret plans as his posting was in headquarters.

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