Mistakes to avoid When you Create your First Website

Mistakes when you create your first Website

Okay, let us get started. This article is written keeping in mind you know about the domain name and web hosting.this article covers complete point you must do and don’t do once you have created a website. 1.Domain name is the name of the website you are going to create.you cannot create a website without a domain name.

COMMON MISTAKES and you should avoid it at least after reading this article.

.let me share my experience with you.when the idea of making a website cracked in my mind I was excited about it.I decided my domain name topic of my website target visitors and purchase a domain name from a web host.

  • Frankly speaking, I wasn’t knowing even a little about HTML, CSS, PHP etc.i first created it using WordPress but I wasn’t satisfied as it did not meet my demands.Then I just downloaded DREAMWEAVER trail version and made it clear to myself that am going to make my website using Dreamweaver as it allows me to design however I want it.

Mistakes when you create your first Website

After a very very hard work of about 20 days, I was on the midway, my site completed almost 50%.

at this point everything starts, we feel that our site is great, it will get 1000’s of visitors we will get rich and disappointment.Remember, DONT EXPECT ANYTHING FROM YOUR WEBSITE FIRST 3 TO 4 MONTHS, VISITORS, REVENUE NOTHING.

If you are getting 20 to 25 unique visitors in this period I assure you are on the right track.The biggest and most valuable thing in a website is CONTENT.Focus on that and success will follow you.Google gives you a good ranking in search engine for your content.try to keep your content of high quality and unique.UNIQUE content is the most retarded thing by search engines.

Write your articles on your own instead of asking others to write articles for you.Whatever you write, write it full of passion and heart, and you will discover a great article.


1.Before publishing a website asl yourself the questions below:

– is my website user-friendly?
– does my website look attractive for users?
– does my website offer some valuable information?
-are there any annoying graphics, fonts, text colours that frustrate users?

if there is a single no answer except for the last question, the first work on your website until you get positive answers to this questions.
when you think its perfect and you cant make your any better publish it on the net.

2.After publishing your website on the net, you expect immediate reactions, a lot of visitors visiting your site.But mostly you get disappointed for not getting enough visitors and get frustrated.most of the people get discouraged by this and doesn’t continue the website.this is the reason why most of the website doesn’t last for long.

3.Revenue and visitors are interdependent things.You cant expect to get a lot of money with less amount of visitors.BE PATIENT, things become better with time.

4.now this a time when you have everything in place.For the first 3 to 4 months work on the content of your site.Try to update your content as frequently as possible this will keep your visitors interest in your site.

5.This is the time you should keep track of your visitors.You must have got a counter from your web host if not I recommend stats counter as it provides you with many options to keep track of your visitors and is absolutely free.

6.Things that help you to keep track of visitors
-google analytics
-google webmaster tools
-stats counter

7.With the help of available statistics from these resources, you will come to know most viewed, least viewed pages from your site.Now try improving the pages with least viewed and try to update and improve pages with more views.

8.google will notice your site if it perform well consistently, and that’s what is our aim.once you put complete content on your site and start getting visitors then you let your mind in other helpful things.they include……


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