How to lose Weight Fast Without Exercise – 5 Best Ways

lose weight

There come times in everybody’s life when you are not so happy with your body or rather its shape. Almost every year we make new year resolution to exercise. But most of us end up in either not going to the gym or not exercising, instead of sitting in the house worrying about how shall we lose those extra pounds? Right? This time let’s do something in a different way. Let’s cheat our fat with some tricks and kick off those extra pounds from your body. It is possible to lose weight without exercise or with very little exercise. Follow this article to get an idea of How to lose weight without doing exercise?

This 5 tips will help you get in Shape without Sweating

Yes, You can get rid of body fat with simple tricks without exercising. This is no joke guys. These are the proven techniques. Some minor changes in your diet can do wonders for your body. Let’s see how!

Chew Each Bite of Your Food 32 Times and get Shocking Results

Yes, Thirty-Two times. Why is it so? We will answer all your questions. It has a scientific reason behind it.

Research has shown that, while you are eating,  it takes an average of 20 mins (least) for your brain to realize that you are filling your stomach.

This will secrete the enzymes which give the sensation of fullness to your brain. It is also helpful for proper digestion. If you have any digestion problems, this will help you.

So if you can prolong the time of your meals and eat little bites of your meal for 20 minutes, you will actually end up eating lesser food that you used to. It is the tested technique.

lose weight


What will happen if you chew each bit 32 times?

For eating one bite with will approximately take 20 seconds. so the overall eating time is prolonged naturally. But the gimmick is that the time is prolonged without having you eat more food.

You will end up feeling full with the half of the food you used with this technique. Trust me guys, this trick is a path Breaker.

Do try it. But make sure you pull this habit consistently with your every meal.

Drink Warm water with Honey Just after you wake up

The study has shown that drinking warm water with a spoonful of honey will make you lose weight like anything.

It is tested method used by many people across the world. It is the weight loss method given in ancient Indian Ayurveda. In addition to losing the weight, it will detoxify your body and make your skin look younger.You can also add lemon to it for the good taste.

Warm water with honey should be the first thing you put in your stomach in the morning. That’s it!

Lots of Water to drink – Minimum 3 liters in a Day

Sometimes the sensation of the empty stomach makes you eat more! Chill.. This happens with all of us. You are not the only one.

Many times, you are just thirsty and not necessarily be hungry each time you get that empty stomach feeling.

Make sure that your body is well hydrated with water. Drink at least 3 liters of water in a day.

Cinnamon helps in Losing Weight Fast

Cinnamon is a kind of spice. But it does magic when it comes to weight loss.

What you have to do is, chew a small piece of cinnamon every day after a meal or when you feel like.

This will increase your metabolism rate and you can lose weight very easily.

Eat at intervals of every 3 hours

Eating full stomach at a stretch can lead to increase in the body fat. So what do we do then?

  • Eat in small intervals of time or when you feel hungry.
  • In this eating, make sure you do not end up eating Oily or High-calorie foods.
  • Always eat a fruit or oats or protein shakes after every 3 hours.
  • This will lead to a rise in your body’s metabolism rate.
  • Avoid eating Foods having sugar.
  • If you feel like eating something sweet, then replace sugar with artificial sweeteners.

Begin the journey of your weight loss with these tricks. Making a habit really requires a lot of efforts and oneness of mind for that thing. Determine that you are going to lose weight anyhow. Use these tips and stay fit. We hope you liked our article on “How to lose weight fast without exercise”? Share this post with your friends and help them in losing their weight fast! Lose Fat and Look Fab!


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