How to keep your mind cool?

keep your mind cool


Are you stressed out in your personal or professional life ..?

Do you feel like everything is complicated in life..? Nothing is working out according to your wish..?

Feeling like your Brain is Jammed or Clogged..?

Here you go..Now..Just Don’t think about anything ..Calmly Read this article and Follow the Ways which Suits you the best according to your situation…

And you will be in FREE STATE OF MIND ..I assure you that !!

Let us see what suits you more…

1)    Take a Break:

If you are in that same-monotonous hustle bustle since a long time ..then It is a right for you to take a break.

Yes,…I am NOT suggesting something which is out of the World for you.It is a common thing…!    But ..let me tell you..sometimes you need somebody to tell you that ..YES, You NEED a break NOW!

taking a break,

relieves from all those stressful things from your life and a Boring routine ..Take that break from your office or daily chores ..and Go out for a vacation off somewhere..else go for a shopping (if you are shopaholic  ).Vacation for a day or two with your loved one or a friend will give you a Rejuvenating Effect.

keep your mind cool


2)Yoga :

Are you having any daily yoga Routine?

If No, then Don’t wait for anything..Open your Internet for some POWER YOGA for you and set a yoga routine for yourself (early morning preferable ).

And most Importantly.FOLLOW THAT ROUTINE (Without Fail)!!.

It will give you a sense of Well Being and will circulate a positive vibe in your body and thus Your mind too !!

3)Get Another Job :

Do you have an irritating BOSS in your life..and keeps chasing you all the time..?

Is your workplace a hell for you..?  Does your BOSS kills yours Creativity..?

Then it’s my humble advice for you that you must think about changing your job.

get some better job ..where you have a place for creativity..and kick off that BOSS of yours !!

This is the best escape the mental stress and stunted growth at your work….


4)Benefits of Green tea :

Green tea has many benefits to your body. It has surprisingly Good effects on your Mind too.

Start taking a cup of green tea every morning instead of your regular coffee/ tea.

Trust me. It will help you reduce weight and also make you feel good and keep mind fresh too..!  (note: boil a cup of water and dip the green tea into it.(without sugar and milk))

5)Breakup :


But it can be True..!  A breakup can be a solution to your worries too. If one of the reasons behind your worries and mental distress is your partner.. if you feel like your inner self is getting somewhere lost ?..then think about this option once…

I don’t suggest to go and break up because so many emotions are involved ..but if your partner is getting on your nerves and you feel like suffering then..think about this one!!

6)Exercise :

Whenever you feel like having a CLOGGED MIND..then…most Simple and Inexpensive way is to …

Go for a Jogging  Trust me’s not will feel Good!

Because exercise gives you endorphins (a chemical secreted ) in the body and it makes you feel happy about yourself and a sense of goodness from within..!!

I suggest you have a routine exercise schedule for at least 20 minutes a day..go for a walk at least..for long-term benefits

7)Makeover :

Yes.. A makeover can also make you feel good about sounds so simple…BUT IT WORKS !!

Get a good haircut ..Simple !! It helps…It will make you feel good (especially for girls).Try this one out if you wish so.



“I Hope you would have Got your Perfect Option out of these…which suits You the Best to get out of that Clogged mind situation..(try at least one of these..whichever suits you best ) 

   Try out and Tell Us !!

   Your Suggestions are always Welcome and are to us !”


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