Why should India welcome more foreign candidates to Study in India?

foreign candidates study destination

India has a huge potential to be a study destination and welcome more foreign candidates to study in India.The country has a vibrant economy and year 2016 was a remarkable year with the introduction of changes in the educational policies. The Government of India has also announced measures to promote “Study in India” initiative. Reports state that the number of foreign students has increased by 50 percent in 2016; the students have increased from 44,000 to around 66300.  India has a great potential and the initiative to welcome more foreign students in the country should be considered seriously. As per the report from, UNESCO year 2014, India is slowly emerging as a preferred destination for foreign students.

Another study from the British council predicts China to be the number one sender of international students to other countries by 2025 followed by India.  

The number of students going abroad from the country is more compared to students coming in for further studies.

India has also been a study destination for the students from SAARC, Middle East, and African countries.

What are the benefits of foreign students studying in our country?

  • Economic benefit: Students pay their education fees and some of them may stay back and work. In 2015 extra revenue of 30.5 million $ was contributed by the international students.
  • Social and cultural benefits: Indian students would have a great exposure if more and more international students come to the country and the foreign students can gain the cultural knowledge of the country from the domestic students.
  • India is energetic with a lot of initiatives around such as Make in India, Start-up India and has the vision to be the new manufacturing capital globally. Creating right ecosystem and encouraging more foreign students will create the right atmosphere for the foreign investors when they see their countries talent in India.

What do we need to do?

  • Simplify student visa policies.
  • Policies to encourage post-study work options.
  • Best Scholarship programmes which will attract more student population around the globe.
  • Enhance and promote country’s image in terms of safety, sanity, education fraternity
  • Bridging the information flow gap.
  • A deeper understanding of international students segments.
  • Re-designing the education system to be ‘application’ based rather than theoretical.
  • Create a platform for ‘Further improvements’ and address often.
  • Create good quality housing for the foreign students.
  • The Partnership of Public sector and private sector to increase the standards of the university.

In order to promote ‘Study in India’, the government aims to focus on public and private educational universities to make them a research hub which is globally competent. The measures are as follows:

  • Exceptionally high quality, multi-disciplinary research and teaching team.
  • The universities should also offer courses in the areas of emerging technologies, and the development concerns of the country like India.
  • The universities should have a balance of domestic and foreign students.
  • World-class libraries, reputed journals should be available.
  • The university should also have a larger campus and adequate scope of expansion.


The initiatives from the government if executed as per the plan India will surely be successful in ‘Study in India’ Initiative and become a study destination. Brand India has a shining future with its presence in important international meetings and the visits of political leaders.


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