Important SEO Tips for Beginners

Important SEO Tips for Beginners
Idea SEO Search Engine Optimization

what is search optimization is the best way to do any activity, in our terms optimization means making our website best possible with each of its function.
search engine optimization?

before knowing this let us first learn the meaning of optimization…

SEO is bit complex issue, but every person who wants to succeed must know let’s start with SEO:

Beginners often ask questions such as..what is SEO?dont worry you will get everything here.It might be difficult and time-consuming at first but as you proceed you will love this concept and keep reading this article.I will try to keep this article as simple as possible and will cover almost every point you should know.

Important SEO Tips for Beginners
Idea SEO Search Engine Optimization

THINGS YOU NEED BEFORE IMPLEMENTING SEO: need a website or blog. AdSense account. analytics account. webmaster tools.
5.statsconter provided by your web host.
6.getting paid for ads on your ads.
7.understanding so.
8.promoting website.
don’t worry, we are going to cover all these points in detail.


what is SEO?

“Its always good to do good SEO ….but content is the heart of your website”

what you do when you want some information on net….obvious it type what you want in search engines i.e google, yahoo, bing etc. you don’t go to the specific website unless you know about it.When your search is generated there are thousands of search results, what you do?obviously, you check the first page.less than 40% users check second page and less than 10% users check the third page it means you cannot generate enough traffic if your website is not ranked on the first page of search engines for your keywords.

THE ANSWER FOR THIS IS SEO, an acronym of search engine optimization.


When users see your website they can view your website content, images, videos, flash etc.But when search engines see your website they can see only programming and HTML tags and that’s the issue with the flash website not ranking high.Flash has entered google just in recent time, therefore positioning work is based on HTML tags and text.


Indexing pages simply refer to submitting your pages to search engines directory.create a sitemap and submit it to google, yahoo, bing etc.By doing this they will come to know about content and links in your website.


Meta tags are the tags included in the head section of HTML code of your website.These tags are visible only to search engines and not to users.
There are three types of meta tags:
1.meta robots.
2.meta description
3.meta keywords


This tag is only included in a page if you don’t want to index that page in a search engine directory.


This tag is used to describe your content.Describe content of your website in 3 to 4 lines in detail.This tag is important because you can describe your website in more detail.


Meta keyword is the words for which you want users to search your site in search can give about 7 to 8 keywords here, avoid giving many keywords as a search engine may look towards your as a spam site.


A title is the most important tag on your website.Always try to put the keyword that best describes your page.Add around 5 to 6 keywords to your title.


Heading tags are important as they describe the actual content on your page.Among them, h1 tag is most important.Don’t make your page too lengthy keep it up to h4 tag.


Relevance means ..any word in your title or meta keyword with a question mark and the same word in the content of your page.It drives good impression on search engines.It should be noted that using hidden texts and word lists is penalised by search engines.


Always try to make a website as detailed as possible and simple.Give URL’s on the page and if that URL has the same content as described then its good impression on search engines.


This is important as it gives importance to your users.You try to give the complete information and also the outside links on the same content, this will make users wanting your site.


A sitemap is the one more important thing you must do to provide your pages to search engines.Create a sitemap.XML file and submit it to search engines as it will make them aware of pages your site content.If you don’t know how to create sitemap there are the various site which provides you readymade sitemap for your site.


1.The content you created for your website is quality and easily accessible to search engines.
The toughest thing is to find the best keywords for your site with least can also take help of google keywords.
3.make sure your
4.heading tags
everything is in the right position.
4.We show the relevancy of our site to search engines by links on our site which is known as link building.Don’t link to spammy or bad site search engines may think a different way.Quality links on your site leave max effect on search engines.


If you want to save time and improve your website hire an SEO company.things you should take into account while hiring SEO
1. Review the content and design of a site.
2.Technical assistance in the development of websites,, redirects, error pages, using JavaScript, etc.
3. Content Development.
4. Management online business development campaigns.
5.Keyword research.
6. SEO training.
7. Experience in specific sectors and geographic regions


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