Ideas to Strengthen the Sports Standard in India.

sports standard

Why there is need to Strengthen the Sports Standard in India?

Sports standard in India is not poor but it needs to strengthen more because India can and we have sports person in every nook and corner of local streets.

An athlete or a sportsperson has a drive, discipline, self-confidence, and competitiveness. India is blessed with many sportspeople from all the states, when we talk about sports it is not only about cricket and the richest league IPL. One cannot deny the fact that cricket IPL has given birth to other leagues such as hockey, football, kabaddi, and boxing.

India has amazingly performed back in Rio Olympics, Businessmen and actors own teams. Now the time is for more! We need to bring in more and more athletes and more and more medals because India is Capable!. A little push, guidance and introducing sports as a part of daily life will bring a remarkable change.

Sports inculcated in schools will give birth to a future sportsperson. Sports or daily exercise will take care of mental and physical health for the adults and senior citizens.

Below are some of the ideas:

  • The bliss of Running/Jogging/Walking: Every individual in the country should involve in a walk, run or jog on daily basis at-least for 15-20 minutes. Core fitness is very important for a sportsperson. Daily running and walking will not only build a strong core it will also keep away diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and obesity.
  • Mandatory for School/Colleges: Sports should be a mandatory subject in school and colleges for students to realize the importance of physical fitness and on a larger picture to take part in state, national or international sports competition. Sports like hockey, kabaddi, mallakhamba, kho-kho, and boxing should be part of the curriculum and not an option.
  • Start visiting local matches: Check the Schedules for matches and games like boxing, archery, table tennis and basketball should be checked and start visiting the matches to encourage matches and introduce kids and students to check their interest. This way we can bring out the talent and fill up the otherwise empty stadiums for many matches.
  • Encourage sports and sports-related activities: Sports should be encouraged among friends, in office and especially kids. People can also form a sports club among friends and family playtime should be a must.

The above aspects are the need of the hour not because we lack in talent and ability, it is the need to encourage and build more and more athletes to be a sports powerhouse not only in India but globally.

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