How to give a makeover to your old clothes?

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A makeover of your wardrobe will make you happy as you will have more clothes to wear. You will also create best out of waste which is the best productive way of using your old clothes

We have a set of clothes lying in our wardrobe which we never or hardly wear due to multiple reasons like outdated, does not fit anymore, not wearable –still cannot discard, un-used saree’s for ages gifted by mom, anniversary gift, close friends gift and the list goes on. Thus you need a makeover.

The first and best way to re-purpose your old clothes is Donation. Donating will not only make you feel good, it will also make you feel rich in the real sense. You will set an example for many and a lot of good vibes comes your way.

Let’s find out other ways for rocking makeover ideas:

  • Re-fashion your Saree. A saree is a long material and can be easily converted into a beautiful Anarkali dress. It can also be re-created into a long kurti, short kurti or a beautiful one-piece dress, stoles, dupatta, A dupatta created out of a saree can give a new look to your plain white kurti instead a refreshing look.
  • A beautiful zari saree which you do not wear much can be turned into a curtain for a special festive season or to give a royal look to your living room, it can also be stitched into a cushion cover and table runner. You can also take your creativity to the next level by sticking the golden border of your saree to your photo albums or to your favorite book, doubling the emotional value.
  • Old Pyjamas, tops, and woolen clothes can be converted into a different piece of cloth for multipurpose use. Sweaters get old due to wear and tear and it can be easily re-created into a woolen scarf or stole to keep you cozy in winters. A makeover worth trying isn’t it?
  • A long winter coat unused for ages can be cut stitched and voila! you are ready to rock the crop sweater look.
  • A long unused t-shirt can be put to use by making it as an apron.
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  • A t-shirt can also be cut and different designs can be created (image attached above) for a trendy and stylish look. All you need for this wonderful makeover is a good pair of scissors and loads of ideas.

Make your wardrobe more functional

  • Organizing your wardrobe is another way for you to find your old clothes or not so worn clothes which can be used again to give a break to your regular set of clothes. Another must have and Universal apparel is ‘the Denim’. Even though Jeans is never out of fashion but the trends of wearing a skinny jean or a bell bottom jean keep on changing right? The out of trend denim or old denim can be cut at different lengths for a new look and can be worn for different occasions such as picnics, casual wear, or can be paired with your favorite tee. There are other DIY projects (Do it yourself) where you can create interesting things such as pen holders out of a denim cloth or you can give a chic look to your old bangles by wrapping it with a denim cloth.

Mix and Match

  • Another tried and tested option by many is Mix and Match, you will end up impressing your friends with a new look every day. A plain white kurti can be worn with black, white leggings or even with neon colored leggings, it can also be worn with palazzo or even with jeans with some oxidized neck piece or bracelets. We bet this look can never go wrong and will also create an impression of a wardrobe with a huge collection.
  • Once you re-create different apparels from you old cloth the leftover material can further be used as cloth pieces for cleaning, leftover saree pieces can be used as gift wrap, hair accessories, cotton t-shirts can also be created as eco-friendly grocery bags and you can stay away from plastic bags.
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Hope above ideas inspire you to give a new look to your old clothes. Do share with us your DIY creations and ideas.

Happy Makeover to you!


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