Getting Backlinks to your Website


If you have a new website and want to drive more traffic to your website you should know have backlinks to your site.What are backlinks?

Backlinks are the links to your site from another website, in short when other sites post your article on their site it is a backlink.Basically, backlinks are of two types:

1)One way link

2)two-way link

one way links:

If your site is linked to some other site and you don’t link back to that site it is known as one-way links.One way links benefit you to rank better in Google search rank.One way links are the report of your site performance as it gives the credit to your content.If some site with adult content or not so good with content links to your Google may find your site spammy or fake, so be aware who links to your site.

Two-way links:

Linking back to the sites who link you is known as two-way links.Many sites offer to exchange links, before exchanging link always check the site content, it is helpful for your users?does that contain offensive content and if answers to this questions are positive you can look ahead towards exchanging.


Whom does backlinks matter:

Frankly speaking, no one cares how much backlinks do you have except search engines.If you want someone to read your article you must have a lot of links pointing towards that article.Search engines the quality, relevance of these backlinks.It looks easy to get backlinks but ACTUALLY, It’s NOT.The most important thing to get backlinks is to create quality content wanting to share by other sites.This is the most important step in creating your website-QUALITY CONTENT is the base of a successful website.

How do big sites build backlinks so easily?

The answer is, They have worth content linking to their site.They never ask for links but they just get millions of links.You may be wondering how to get as many links as these sites get, the answer is simple.Create some valuable content which will be helpful for people and they like it and visit your site frequently and automatically you will get backlinks and traffic.

I have a cricket bat and you have a ball:

Let me explain if you are linking or exchanging link to the sites who have content related to your site.


One way backlinks are always more valued than exchange link by search engines.Always aim high and try to link to sites who have ranking equal or better than you.

Always keep in check who is linking to your site, how?

To find out how many inbound links you have, you can use a Backlink Checker. This one, in particular, will tell you the number of Google results, Yahoo results, and Alexa rank.

Other websites for checking links:

Search Engine Genie Backlink Checker

100% FREE Backlink Checker.


Online Backlink Checker

This one will not only tell you how many links you have, but where.


Strategies for Driving Traffic

An excellent article from SEOmoz about ways to get more traffic to your website.


squidoo is the great site that hosts these page and several other pages named lenses (I will add my top ones underneath).

Using google getting high google page ranks and also it serves two purposes:
A. Get super high trust link from PR8 website which is amongst the top 500 in the world.
B. Drive traffic, quality US one usually. Squidoo community is big. If you put down a great piece and bother using Squidu forums in order to let people know about it, it can catch on and become really popular. It can even become your main goal to promote the lens and not your main site!

10 amazing tips to get maximum backlinks: in forums and add a link to your site:

While writing a post in a forum always choose a forum which is relevant to your site and it does not have a no follow tag which tells Google not to consider your link.My experience tells that anyway google doesn’t consider don’t follow tag, so no need to worry about it.Now while giving links give it in a natural text.While giving an anchor text never use a click here text.

2.let people know about your articles:

Let people know about the article, in other words, do good SEO for your website. Find directories on your own subject i.e submit to directories with similar content of your site.Make complete use of social media to bring your site in public and letting people know.create a facebook, twitter, google +1 pages of your website, this will help you a lot.

3.create a blog for your website:

This is one of the most important things to get backlinks to your website.Reasons why blog brings more backlinks than normal website are given below:

  • blogs are tracked instantly by search engines
    It means that any updates you do to your blog are instantly tracked by search engines.It links your new entries instantly.
  • Blogs can be published in very less time
    For blogs you don’t need to design each page separately, all you need to do is to add content and publish it.


  • Blogs get links from other blogs

Bloggers must of the times read and follow blogs.If you run a website and not a blog you may have some hard time to get links from other blogs.

4.claim your website on Alexa:

Alexa already keeps information about your site and along with it, they provide you with the overall ranking of your website.

5.Respond to comments:

Be kind and generous.Responding to comments on your website makes feel good to other bloggers and they might link you to your good content.

6.comment on other blogs:

Always comment on other blogs in a positive way and give your site link with the comment, there is every chance that anyone who liked your site can link back to you.

7.respont to email:

Always be kind to people.Be cool to people.Help people with their answers and mail them the URL of the answer.Also, post the answer as a comment so you can get more content on that topic.

8.Be a guest blogger:

This might get you a lot of backlinks.If a blog owner likes the articles he will definitely link to your site.This may also give you lot of visitors.

9: link to other blogs heavily:

Never hesitate to link other blogs of relevant content if you like the article.Before doing this once check the site ranking etc. it’s always good to link sites better than you.

10.Write unique articles:

This is the heart of getting backlinks.If you have valuable information people will come to you.So always focus on writing quality and unique content.


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