How to get rid of pimples or acne? – easy tips for you

get rid of pimples

Mostly youngsters ..especially teenagers are distressed with the problem of pimples on skin or acne…

are you going through the same?   so here’s an article for you..which will tell you how to get rid of pimples and avoid the pimple breakouts!

 In order to avoid the pimples, we must first know the main basic reasons behind the pimple here are the basic reasons…

get rid of pimples


Reasons for pimples/ acne:

1) Hormonal changes:

  The hormonal changes which take place during puberty(when a person grows from childhood to adolescence) in the teenagers are the main reason behind pimples. It is the natural process in teenagers nothing to worry about. Excess Oil is secreted from the skin in this period

2)Not proper caring of skin:

      not caring for the skin also can make the pimples to breakout. A layer of oil and dirt gets accumulated over the skin. If there is an attack of germs then pimples can form.

acne is nothing but the more or less severe form of just pimples. The main reason is the oiliness in the skin which is excessive and bacterial infection occurs easily in such situation. So..oily skin is a base for a pimple growing bacteria. Now to avoid it ..we must first try to keep skin oil free.

Now, we know the reasons for it…

Tips for getting rid of pimples :

1) WASH YOUR FACE  with water and some good soap free face-wash for three times in a daytime. After washing your face ..make sure you apply astringent to it or Benzoyl peroxide lotion so that your skin will stay oil-free for a long time. Oil is mainly present on chin, nose and forehead area of the face. So No doubt its the usual site for the pimples.

  While washing the face..wash with a circular motion of the hand around your chin, forehead and area near the nose.

2)KEEP  A  CHECK  ON  WHAT  YOU EAT! Avoid eating junk foods, too spicy food, oily food, or white foods like bread etc, because this food causes the problems in the digestion system and in turn cause these skin problems.

Also, drink plenty of water throughout the day. That will keep your skin well hydrated and can contribute to avoiding these problems.

3)DON’T TOUCH the will be often tempted to touch the pimples but don’t do so. And DON’T SQUEEZE them that can only aggravate the pimples and spread more pimples on your skin nearby to it.It can cause dark spots marks.

4)EAT HEALTHY FOODS which are full of vitamins and fibres. Eat more veggies like broccoli, cabbage, spinach, and veggies rich in vitamin C.

5)Don’t OIL YOUR HAIR TOO MUCH ..too often.Wash your hair regularly, if you have dandruff in hair. hair laden with oil come in contact with your skin ..say while sleeping can cause the new pimple breakouts especially on your forehead.

 so wash your hair daily with some good shampoo, don’t oil your hair too much and tie your hair while sleeping if possible.

6)STAY AWAY FROM STRESS as much as possible. Because it can only aggravate the acne problem. Avoid late night parties with improper sleep. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Avoid stress and tension from the exams or work. Just try to stay happy…That helps in keeping your skin glowing without any ailments.

7)REMOVE MAKE-UP while sleeping at the night. we come back from parties very late at night and most all of us directly go to the bed and forget to clean the makeup on the face. That can cause pimples. so Don’t Forget to clean your face with some cleansing lotion even you are back from tiring late-night party.

8) Keep a healthy lifestyle. Avoid to  Eat the foods which can lead to constipation problem .stay healthy.

9)Apply the face pack of Multani mitti every week. Try to use more natural products for your skin.

Last but not the least..keep yourself happy and fit ..your pimples and all the skin problems will automatically go !!

hope this article was useful for you!


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