Father – an unsung hero of our life


Father’s day celebrated on third Sunday of June all over the world to honor the role of father’s in a child’s life. This day is important to tell the world the significance of a father in the development of a child. When a child comes out of mother’s womb, the second most important person in his life is Father. A father is not like a mother who is always ready to give and nurture you with love. A father has a completely different role in a child’s life and his presence is as important as a presence of his mother. He is important to tell the child the reality of the world and his responsibility is not to protect him but make him prepare for the problems the child will be facing.


Fatherhood is very important to make you strong and to make you survive. He goes out and earns for you to provide you with food and shelter. He teaches you the lessons of living a strong life and overcome all hurdles.

Just like a love is full of love, similarly, a father is but he has different ways of showing it. Normally we complain that our father is not loving us, supporting us and being sweet with us. But if a father is also like a mother then there would be an imbalance in upbringing. Then you cannot be complete and you will struggle all your life. You will become incapable of facing harsh situations and every failure that would come your way will make you collapse.

A father’s role is not to provide sperm for the birth of a new life, in fact, he gives his nature and character through his sperm. He manifests his values in the child. And when he is born although the father is not always there around him, he creates a strong relationship with him. When a father develops an emotional attachment to the child by playing with him and teaching him new games and introducing to the world. By encouraging children to take on challenges, father’s help them develop inner strength.

So, on this father’s day, it is very important to say thank you to your father’s for making you the way you are. Maybe he is not always cuddling you, laughing at you and crying with you but he was always there around you like an unsung hero.

Always challenging you to get an inch closer to your dreams and providing a helping hand to you when you were falling from those stairs of success. It was he who told you about your mistakes so that you could improve. 

He made you confess about your weaknesses and learn from them. Yes maybe he wasn’t there for you sometimes when you were committing mistakes but the reason was never his indifference. He wanted you to make you learn from your mistakes.

We always keep complaining about the way he is but we never realize that his fatherhood is a must for our evolution as a human. Like a mother protects you from all your worries similarly a father is preparing you for the coming worries. He is someone we have always underestimated as a person. We have restricted his role to provide us with food and shelter. It’s time to give him his well-deserved respect and love.


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