Earth Day activities for Kids , Kindergarten, Toddlers, Children 2014

Earth Day

Earth Day 2014 is approaching and it’s our duty to take steps to keep our planet clean and safe. Kids are especially very enthusiastic about earth day. There are various activities or projects that can create awareness among Kids, High school students about the importance of Earth Day. It’s time to appreciate the Mother Earth and respect it. In this article, we are displaying some Activities for Small Kids, Toddlers, Kindergarten children and even high school students. Let’s take steps to save our lovely Planet. A very Happy Earth Day 2014 to all the preschoolers.

Earth Day


Preschool Earth Day activities for Kids, Kindergarten  2014

We hope you find this article useful and you find the motivation to save our planet earth. If you have some more ideas please tell them in the comments section. Share this article with your friends and spread the awareness.

  • Plant Trees and Flowers

Plant some known trees and flowers you know. You can plant them in a backyard in the home, In school and other possible places. You can also take steps to make existing plants healthy by removing weeds etc.

  • Use Cycle for School

Say no to school Bus and other vehicles on Earth day. You can also keep special days in a week when everyone uses cycle for transport.

  • Save Electricity

Save electricity by turning off lights for few hours a day. This is easily achievable for few hours a day. You can also keep one hour light off during the evening.

  • Periodic Clean Ups

You can do periodic cleanups of School premises as well as public areas such as collecting Garbage etc. We know a group who cleans mountains every year on Earth day. The guys are certainly doing a great job and contributing to saving Earth.

  • Recycle

Recycling is the best way to deal with used products. Create creative crafts by recycling the damaged products.

  • Ask People to turn off Vehicle Engine on Traffic Signals

Most of us do not turn off engines when we stop for a traffic signal. A lot of fuel can be saved just by turning off the engine on traffic signals. You can visit traffic signals on earth day and ask people to turn off the engine and spread awareness about it.

  • Arrange a Seminar

You can arrange Seminar with an environmentalist for guiding you on how to use resources efficiently and how everyone can give to save planet earth.

Surely there are a lot of activities that can be done expect these. Let us know what you think.


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