Earning from A Website

Earning from a website

You can earn a large amount of money online from your website.If done a survey you can find that website is the best source to earn money online as it does not have any limit on the income.Everything you need is gathered here and I assure that you will get the complete info you need to earn good amount of revenue.

Okay then before proceeding any further you have to agree one thing “earning money from a website is not an overnight process, it is a long run process”

Earning from a website

Okay let me divide it:

1.First, you must create a website

2.build traffic to your website

Earning from AdSense:

When someone asks about earning from a website, the first thing that comes to mind is ad sense.Google ad sense allows you to post ads on your site and pays for it.Google ad words is an advertising program by Google.You can publish your website ads using ad words.In ad sense, you get paid for a click on the ads according to CTC(cost per click) and CPM(cost per 1000 impressions).

Once you are approved by google ad sense google gives you as codes relevant to the content of your pages and you can put that ad on your website.Google pays you the share the ad owners gives Google.If you are not the resident of USA google pays you by check.

pay per click(PPC):

1.As the name suggests pay per click means you get paid for every click on the ads appearing on your site.

2.You must sign PPC advertising programs to display PPC ads on your site.On average You may get paid from 0.2$ to 5$ per click.

3.PPC ads on your site are relevant to the content on your page so that you get more clicks.for eg.if you have a site on web designing you will have ads on web designing so that it can attract users.

Cost per impression(PPM):

CPM gives you a specific amount per 1000 impressions on your site.

  1. Suppose your site get 6000 visitors per day with 15000 pageviews.Now if your advertiser pays you 2$ per impression then you will get 1500/1000=15 CPM.

now 15*2=30$

so, you get 30$ paid for 15000 pageviews with CPM rate 2$.

Affiliate marketing:

1.In affiliate marketing, you have links to other sites on your site.

2.If someone goes to your client’s site through an ad on your site and buys some product you get some commission as decided between you and client.

3.For this, you need to join affiliate networks.

Direct ads:

1.If you are getting large no of visitors and your site is getting popular you can enter into direct ad sale.

2.In Direct ad sale, you get a fixed amount.

3.In this, you offer advertisers to paste ads of 728×456 in the header section and advertise decides to pay 100$ per month.

4.You can do this if you are getting enough money that you don’t care about PPC.


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