Desi Superfoods are the best as research says that traditional Indian foods deserve to be called as superfoods. An Indian food has an incredible amount of vitamins has the power to boost the immunity plays a dual role in maintaining health as well as beauty.  

Let’s say hello to our Desi superfoods and welcome them once again in our daily diet.

1. Ghee/ Clarified butter

Super way for glowing skin

Adding a few servings of ghee in your daily diet is a super way to squeeze in some extra fat-soluble vitamins. It will help you to maintain healthy vision, glowing skin, and digestion. Ghee also helps in boosting the intake of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. It also contains CLA Conjugated linoleic acid a fatty acid associated with a long list of health benefits. No wonder it is the prime member of the list of desi superfoods. 

Go and enjoy your Dal chawal with a dollop of ghee.    

2. Amla Amla or Indian gooseberryThe Indian gooseberry or the amla has eight times more Vitamin C than an orange and prevents the formation of gallbladder stones. It fights the common cold, sore throat improves eyesight, it can manage chronic conditions, it boosts immunity and reduces blood sugar. Include amla as Amla chutney in your daily diet to enjoy the taste and health benefits. It can also do wonders with beauty as it reduces pigmentation, makes the skin glow, prevents greying of hair and gives you luscious hair.       

    1.      3Sabja or Basil Seeds
      sabja or basil seeds
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      Sabja is an ingredient found in faloodas or milkshakes and these drinks are a big hit during summers. Sabja also helps to keep the body cool and also controls the blood sugar levels and also beneficial for hair and skin. These seeds need to be soaked in water and then consumed. These seeds are also of huge benefits for people who are looking for weight loss. Even if you do not want to lose weight include this super seeds in your diet in fruit salads, milkshakes and enjoy its goodness.

      4. Haldi or Turmericgolden powder haldi doodh Haldi doodh is the first thing our mothers give if we have a cold or bad throat. This golden powder has its place in the west too but Indians have been using turmeric powder since ancient times. It increases immunity, fights against infection and again used in many homemade or store-bought beauty recipes.  It has got medicinal properties and applied on small cuts and wounds at many Indian households.

      5. Lemon or Nimbulemon nimbuLemon helps in maintaining the hydration level in the body. Nimbu paani or lemon juice is also consumed during workouts to keep the body hydrated as well as for energy. Lemon also contains vitamin C, lowers blood pressure, fights obesity, and improves the skin quality and a refreshing drink during summer.  Drinking warm water with lemon and honey helps in weight loss. It helps your digestive system get moving in the morning and it can also be consumed as morning laxative drink to prevent constipation.   


      6. Banana:banana

      This fruit is available in all seasons and contains high fiber. Fibre-rich food is good for the heart. Banana also eases the digestion process, Helps in fighting anemia. It is a powerhouse for nutrients like vitamins, magnesium, iron, folate, potassium and many more.

      What more reason do you need to eat a banana daily?

      7. Coconut/Nariyal:nariyal A nutritious food with healing powers. It also enhances the taste of the recipe and loaded with health benefits. Coconut contains a high amount of saturated fats which is good for health. We all know there are good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, good calories and bad calories. Coconut has loads of fiber and controls diabetes, fight aging. It also contains medium chain triglyceride which helps in better weight management.   

      8. Alsi or Flax seeds:alsi It is a superfood because of its best source of Omega-3 fatty acid which is a good fat.It also contains proteins, saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, Vitamin B1, calcium, and potassium. So do not forget to include Alsi in your next grocery list.

      9. Beetroot:beetroot hemoglobin

      Beetroot helps in hemoglobin. Lack of hemoglobin makes us look pale, dull and lethargic in case your hemoglobin count is less you should immediately include beetroot in your diet. It should also be consumed for iron, folate, and magnesium.

      It will also increase your exercise performance and will prevent dementia.  

      10. Hing or Asafoetida :

      image source: womenshalthmag

      It helps in digestion and keeps acidity at bay. It lowers blood pressure and maintains the blood sugar level. Hing is the main ingredient in the tempering of various recipes.  It also has anti-aging and anti-acne properties. Hing is mainly used as tadka or tempering for dal or curry preparation in many Indian Household and purely Desi Superfoods

      11. Dahi or Curd :

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Curd has a moisturizing effect on our skin, it contains special proteins and nutrients that help in maintaining blood pressure, good for digestion, the good bacteria in curd improves the gut activity, soothe the digestive system and cures an upset stomach.   

12. Ajwain or carom seeds:

image source: exporters India

Ajwain is a must in Desi Superfoods list as gives you instant relief from acidity and indigestion. treats the common cold, stops greying of hair. Ajwain or oma water cures indigestion for pregnant ladies. It is also said to solve the problems of irregular periods. It is also the main ingredient in many yummy recipes likes parathas and Dal.  

13. Ragi :


Ragi is packed with calcium, good carbohydrates, amino acids and vitamin D. It helps in controlling diabetes, reverts skin aging, relaxes the body and fights anemia.

14. Sprouts :

image source:maangchi

Sprouts are a good source of protein and a yummy curry to go really well with Roti and rice. It is also rich in iron, zinc and boosts blood supply.

Get a sprout recipe online and enjoy it for your lunch, dinner or even for breakfast.   

15. Jau or Barley Grain: jau barley grain

Jau will help you to lose weight, it will reduce the risk of cancer, reduces the symptoms of arthritis and promotes healthy teeth and bones.

Enjoy these super Desi foods in your daily meal and lead a healthy and happy life.  


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