Complete A-Z tips to increase Traffic on Your Website

increase website traffic

This article will provide you with the detailed and complete information you must know to increase traffic to your website.On most of the sites, you find no of pages of useless information wasting your valuable time in reading that pages.This website particularly focuses on making the articles as short as possible with complete information/knowledge you should know.In this article we are going to study two things below:

1)How to increase traffic to website/blog

2)How to increase google page rank

21 Tips to increase traffic to your website:

1.Optimize your site (SEO):

Do good SEO for your site so people can find your site for the keywords you have given.If you are new to it and don’t know what is SEO? , first, learn SEO before proceeding.You may find it time-consuming but its essential to create the successful website.

2.Write quality content:

Nothing is more important than content to make a super successful website.If you have quality content search engines, visitors will automatically notice your website.So always put maximum effort to create a quality content and remaining on SEO.

3.Get listed in directories:

Submit your site to all major web directories, this will build links and also will gain a lot of traffic from directories also.This will put a good impression on google.

4.Get listed in search engines:

Submit your sitemap to major search engines, this will help them to know what is your site about.

5.Get links to your site:

To know linking in detail read the article getting backlinks to a website.Ask your friends, a site’s with relevant content to link to you and offer them linking back.This will help you get good search rank in search engines.

increase website traffic

6.Design your site beautifully:

Good design and layout refers to proper navigation, link to homepage from every page, no broken links.etc.This will make visitors wanting your site.

7.Write a guest post on other blogs:

Request writing a guest post on relevant topics to your website.Writing a guest post and giving link will give you a traffic from links pointing to your site and also can increase your traffic.

8.Making good use of images:

Always make a habit of putting images in articles and most importantly give the title, alt tags and clearly mention width, the height of images.This will know search engines to know about the image.

9.Reply to comments and emails:

Be kind and grateful to users.They will love you for this and ultimately increase your traffic and linking.

10.Analyse your stats:

Make efficient use of stats provided by your web host and google analytics.This will help you to know for which keywords you are getting most of the traffic and it gives you to improve your site.

11.Comment on other blogs:

99% of times your site will be visited if you comment on other blogs.Also, keep a day in a week only to comment on other blogs.You will have fun and also will gain no of visitors.

12.Write list posts:

We and almost everyone love list 10 SEO tips, top 100 web hosting sites etc.

13.Write your answers on yahoo:

On Yahoo! you write answers to other people questions which help them.There is a box where you can link your site and have returning visitors.


“Be what you are and people will love you for this, I assure”

15.Use email marketing:

Add signatures of your site links to every email you send and if possible add the signature event to your text messages you send through a cellphone.Loyal readers will visit your site repeatedly.

16.Publish your site offline:

Try to spread your site name as more as possible i.e on your car, in local newspapers, sponsor some event in your town anything just spread your site.

17.Give free stuff;

Everyone in this world loves free stuff.So just give away free stuff and visitors will love you for this.Give some copyright free images for commercial use for free.

18.Provide newsletters:

Ask your users for newsletters and regularly send them some interesting information and also ask them to ask forward it to their friends.

19.Make efficient use of social media:

Facebook, twitter, google +1 are great resources to get a large amount of traffic.Include social buttons on your site and share your content on social networking sites.

20.RSS feed:

Allow people to interact with you in another way.


“Be a good internet citizen.Help people with their problems and speak them gracefully.Whenever someone calls you on telephone or mails you try to make a good interaction with them providing a solution to their problems.If they ask how may I thank you, just ask them to link to your site if they liked it.”


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