Complete Step by Step Guide to Create A Website

Create A Website

So let’s get started with preparing our first website

Domain name

1.Domain name is the name of the website you are going to cannot create a website without a domain name.

2.You have to purchase a domain name.choosing the cheapest domain name is important.

3.when buying a domain name you must first decide what your site is going to be.

4.choose a domain name which matches your site content will be an added advantage to you.

  1. The domain name should be easy to…consider and first one is easy to remember. so try to take domain name which is easy to remember.

Create A Website

Web hosting

1.Now once you have a domain name you need a web host who will publish your site on the internet.

2.web host is nothing but computer servers connected with very high-speed internet.

3.while choosing a web host don’t unnecessarily spend a lot of money.choose the cheapest and reliable.

4.the things you must check before choosing a web host
1.customer support
2.unlimited data transfer(if your website is huge) of users.

4.below is the list of some top web hosting sites, and below that are the features of some good web hosts


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