15 Outstanding Bollywood movies that taught us to Never give up and keep going. (Part 1)

Bollywood movies

Bollywood movies have taught us to fall in love, to dance like no one is watching, laugh till our tummy hurts. The lyrics, dialogues’, the fight scene stays with us even when the movie is over. We watch our favorite movie, again and again, to enjoy the scenes and instantly feel rejuvenated.  And the last, at least once as a child each one of us has been amazed how the hero and heroines change their costumes so many times in one song.

Movies do inspire us in many ways and a film is a strong medium to convey a message that affects us personally in right manner and also teaches us life lessons. Below are the lists of incredible Bollywood movies which teach us to ‘Never give up’ and keep going.

  1. Tumhari Sulu
Vidya Balan in Tumhari Sulu.
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This movie proved that there is a hidden salesmanship in every Indian woman. Vidya Balan who played the character of Sulu does not let go any opportunity to explore her talent. This movie teaches us to step outside our comfort zone to prove ourselves. Sulu also teaches us the art of balance between family and career. Sulu is a homemaker (12th fail) in the day and a rocking RJ in the night. So always be open for opportunities and grab the chance to prove that you can do it. Being married or not having a degree certificate does not stop her to follow her dreams. And Remember ‘Mai Kar Sakti hai’. 

2. Sultan

Salman Khan in Sultan
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Sultan is a terrific movie full of inspiration. Sultan’s character played by Salman Khan undergo many personal problems but he never loses his confidence even when he stops wrestling. Sultan teaches us that we have to compete with ourselves and not with our opponent. The right time for learning new skills starts when you decide to learn. Sultan also teaches us that the only person who can defeat us is the person inside us and nobody else. It also teaches us to be grounded even when we reach the peak of Success.

3. Mary Kom

List of women-centric Bollywood movies is incomplete with this film.Mary Kom is based on a true-story who won the world boxing championship 5 times, MC Mary Kom (Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom). Priyanka Chopra as Mary Kom has taught incredible lessons such as ‘Fight like a girl’; Mary Kom breaks up all the barriers that women cannot fight or win a boxing championship. It also conveys that you should get up and get going even if you fail. Many women all over the world struggle daily to break the glass ceiling set by the society, but Mary Kom proves that wrong all through the movie. She taught us perseverance will always pay.  The way she says ‘I LOVE BOXING’ taught us to follow our passion and do what we love the most. She also taught to surrender ourselves completely to earn what we want.

4. Queen

Kangana Ranaut in Queen
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Yet another iconic women-centric film in the list of Bollywood movies is Queen.  Kangana Ranaut as Rani Mehra shows incredible willpower and she will boost you instantly with confidence to start anything you wish to in your life. Rani Mehra goes alone on her honeymoon as her fiancé calls off their marriage. Rani is a real queen as she teaches us to travel the world alone and meet new people. It is not easy for a shy girl from Delhi to travel the world all alone after a bad relationship. Rani taught us to get out of our comfortable environment face the situations and rise up for the better and happy version of ourselves. Rani proved no situation in our life can stop us to explore ourselves to find out who truly we are.

5. Rang De Basanti

Rang de Basanti
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This movie was released in 2006 but inspiration still goes on. This movie taught us that it is very easy to blame the system we live in and we should take responsibility to change it. There is no reason this movie will not create an impact even if it is re-released today. It taught us to take initiative, and no country is perfect and one has to make it better. Young Freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh who loved India so much that he didn’t mind getting hanged for his country. It’s not that we have not learnt about Bhagat Singh in History but this movie really impacted and conveyed the message of patriotism and motivated youth tremendously.

  1. Black
Movie Black
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This movie is based on the story of Michelle Mcnally who is deaf and blind. A teacher comes in her life and the movie portrays the understanding between the teacher and a blind and deaf student. Michelle passes her graduation after attempting for multiple times. We all know it is practically impossible for a person who is deaf and blind to pass out graduation. But Michelle taught us to be committed and to overcome all the hurdles to reach our goal.   It also taught us about the people around us who motivates and guides us to reach our destination.

7. English Vinglish

Bollywood movies
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Another beautiful women-centric film in the list of Bollywood movies. This mesmerizing film has many lessons for us to follow in our life; Shashi played by Sridevi goes to the US from Pune and comes across many exciting experiences. Once she is out of her comfort zone she finds out there are plenty of opportunities to learn, she learned English and made new friends and felt good about herself and Shashi also taught us the importance of ME time and the importance of having a small world of our own (family) in this big busy world.

The happiness and satisfaction of achieving the goal conveyed very beautifully and it’s ok sometimes to mimic MJ step in the middle of the busy road. This movie also taught us that in the family it is important to respect each other even though a family member lacks in something.

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