Avocado Oil For Hair – Benefits, Truth, Reviews | How to Use it For Hair?

Avocado oil

People love to get press of their look, whereas girls love to be pressed for good skin and beautiful hair. These two factors make them different from each other and mark them beautiful. So girls love to take care of her long hair with glowing skin. But the day-to-day increase rate of pollution plays a vital factor is restricting the work process of maintaining hair and skin. It has been found from a study that as compared to earlier years toxic gas contained in the atmosphere has increased rapidly which hampers the water source, soil and air. Thus this is becoming a great region of all types’ disease in human beings. It has been found that many people are having damaged skin and poor hair growth with dry and damaged hair.

Oil is a form of neutral and a nonpolar chemical substance which is slippery, smooth and a viscous liquid within a restricted temperature. Oil does not get mixed in with water it literally floats in water but can get easily mixed with other oils. Oils are rich in carbon and hydrogen and are highly flammable substance. In general different variety of oil that can be differentiated from chemical compounds with different structure and properties so that makes their use differently. Oils can be extracted from the organic or inorganic form.It can be extracted from animal products or petrochemical products. It also can be extracted from different part of plants such as seeds and flower also. There is two types of oils organic and mineral oil. Organic oils are the product from plants or animals that are prepared through natural metabolic processes. These oils contain chemicals such as lipids, proteins, alkaloids and waxes. The fatty acid is scientifically called Lipid. Some other products such as steroids and other chemicals are also found in the oils of living things. Lipids can be classified from the organism it is prepared with that of the chemical structure it contains and the solubility factor in water as compared to oils. The organic oil has the good amount of carbon and hydrogen with less amount of oxygen. We commonly use this oil for cooking in cosmetics and in religious worship.Cooking oils are either derived from animal fat and are used to make butter, lard etc whereas plant oils are derived from Avocado, olive, sunflower, maize etc.

Nowadays these plants oil have gain popularity in the world of cosmetics because of its beneficial factors that it contains in it. These oils are so ready that can be used to apply to hair and skin. By the application of plant oil on hair, it gives a good shiny look with lustrous and prevents it from getting tangled and rough and help in promoting growth by providing conditioner to it.This plant oil has its presence and importance from the ancient day as a good conditioner for hair. It is suggested that oil extracted from coconut, olive, Avocado are the best oil as a conditioner for good shiny look.

Avocado oil

Avocado oil is a form of edible oil which is ready for pressing the fruit for oil. This process was used by the Persian Americana to extract oil from avocado. This is used as food oil, and used as an ingredient to prepare dishes by cooking.It was found that it help in regenerative and help in moisturizing these properties is help it as a good lubricant and make a use full  cosmetic product.It has high ambient temperatures with high smoke point when it’s refined or unrefined. Avocado oil is natural hair oil which contains approximately 72% of monounsaturated fatty acids. This makes it better oil from most of other oils such as coconut or grape seed.  The cold pressed avocado oil using the Hass cultivar is emerald-green in colour during the extraction time because of the high levels of chlorophylls and carotenoids extracted in the oil and has grassy, butter mushroom avocado flavor. The other varieties of avocado produce oils of slightly different flavors, like the”Fuerte” which is said to have a more mushroom flavor and less avocado flavor. The avocado oil can be compared well with the olive oil as it has almost similar monounsaturated fat content profile, which helps in protecting oil from breakdown during heating. Since it is low in the acidic nature, it helps to increase the smoke point. The extra virgin avocado oil which has an emerald-green color because of avocado’s chlorophyll content, this makes it quite safe to be heated to a degree of 249 degree centigrade just like the extra virgin olive oil. Both the refined and the unrefined avocado oil can be safely use for any high heating purpose like stir-fry, baking sear, deep fry, roast, barbecue and sauté. In the culinary field, avocado oil is relatively new and is sometimes mislabeled for its smoke point. It should be noted that higher the refining of the oil, higher the smoke point.

Avocado oil


Avocado Oil For Hair Growth – How to Use Avocado Oil For Hair? Benefits

  1. Hair gets enhance by the moisturizer present in it. These monounsaturated oils penetrate the hair strand to make it grow well.  So avocado oil has two better characteristics, it can easily reach the cortex of the hair strand as compared to other oil and has the capacity to enhance the current moisturizer. A better result can be obtained by mixing the readily available oil with homemade butter.
  2. This Skincare oil also moisturizes the scalp.  It doesn’t leave any greasy film on the skin surface like other oils.  It’s a useful option to moisturize dry scalps.
  3. Help you to refresh in any wish hairstyle which cannot be achieved by coconut oil on cold days naturally.
  4. It can shout to any type of skin and will have fewer chances of forehead acne.
  5. It’s an enhanced way of pre-poo treatment that protects the hair from getting damage due to repeated swelling and de-swelling due to the washing process by chemical and shampoos.
  6. It has high contained dietary vitamin E, which helps in boosting the skin immunity against stress and keep up the moisture level.
  7. It is a natural sunscreen which acts as a protection layer by keeping away the harmful UV rays from damaging the skin.
  8. By a regular massage of avocado oil into the scalp can help stimulate proper blood flow to hair follicles thus improve the hair growth.

As per the study, there are different companies which manufacture different brands of avocado oil for hair. They have different brand names with a variable amount of price range. Here are some of the well knows oil brands that are listed below:

Product name Company Name Price(in rupees)
Soul flower Cold pressed Avocado Soul flower 350
Pure Avocado Oil – Persea Americana Deve Herbes 295
Johnson’s Baby Avocado Hair Oil Johnson’s 110
Argan Oil for Hair The Oil Emporium 1481
Lafier Avocado Oil Lafier 1570


These prices suggest that these oils are available in the different price range as per required an individual can choose one. This different price range is due to the quality and quantity of the oil. If someone wants to go for good hair repair treatment with almond mixed with Avocado Oil can go for Argan Oil. If someone wants to go for treatment of his or her damaged and breakable hair then can go for Lafier Avocado Oil which is a good conditioner with vitamin E. If one has to go for regular avocado hair oil then can go for hair oil brands of Soul flower or Deve Herbes.As we know this oil is obtained from an organic product that is a seed so it’s safe, good and healthy too.

Though there has been no listed danger of using avocado oil on hair or skin unknowledgeable idea of use and quantity can land someone in trouble. Messing with oil can be dangerous as its slippery may contain some chemical that can react to skin it’s better to consult a doctor or a physician before using this listed branded oil.

Avocado Oil for Damaged and Dry Hairs –

In order to get some better result for damaged and dry hairs here are few tips:

  • It can be used as a bath oil, where one needs to use this oil mixed with hot water and apply to the skin to obtain soft and moisturizes skin.
  • By the regular application of bath oil can help in regeneration of skin cell removing dead cells.
  • One needs to combine some specified quantity of Castile soap, aloe-Vera, vegetable glycerin, and avocado oil use this as a shampoo on hair to make it nourished and give a glowing look to hair.
  • One can make a facial mask of avocado and avocado oil for removing excess oil and dry skin cell from the face.
  • By regular use, it helps in strengthening and moisturizing the hair strands.
  • By regular massage, it improved blood flow and help in improving blood circulation in the scalp.
  • Its nutrients reach the follicles root that stimulates new growth of healthy hair.
  • Always try to apply good cold pressed brand avocado oil on hair. To get improve appearance and texture apply it as available without heating it up or adding any extra chemical to it on the hair. Their uses help in unclogging blocked follicles and, help in proper growth. Thus it’s a good nutrition for healthy and strong hair.

Benefits of Avocado Oil for Skin –

It’s a beneficial product for the clear skin as it is rich in vitamin A that helps in removing dead skin cells.

Glutamine amino acid present in it helps in providing protection against environmental factors that may hamper the skin.

The antioxidants help in reducing wrinkles and can give a youthful glow to its regular use.

By the consumption of its help in detoxifying the body by removing toxin present in the body.

It helps in reducing triglycerides in the skin.

It helps in increasing the solubility of collagen present in the skin by its application.

It’s the cheapest and helpful conditioner for hair. It has great benefits in refreshing a style by applying any hardstyle of hair with a lot of shine to hair.

Avocado Oil is Nutritional Source as Well –

Avocado oil contains a long list of useful vitamins and minerals with that it has omega-3 fats and amino acids. This is a good reason we should prefer avocado oil over other oils for or glowing and nourished hair. This oil has all of these good nutrients that are responsible for the growth of the hair and skin. By use of this simple powerful oil, we can lower some hair problems as well as skin problems too. These weak hairs are due to poor nutrition of hair and due to excessive exposure to heat styling and chemical treatments. By applying some monounsaturated fats directly in hair or skin can help in strengthen hair strands, moisturize the hair and skin with that it help as a protective guard to fight environmental pollution. By applying natural and organic oil we can overcome some of these problems by regular use we can get well-nourished and improve skin and hair.

Having half the avocado every other day will help in reducing the cholesterol levels in the body. The avocado oil can also be used for treating skin problems and ailments like dermatitis and arthritis and the regular usage of the avocado oil can also help relieve eczema. The avocado oil is rich in vitamin A, D and E, all of which will help in maintaining a healthy skin. If the avocado is directly applied to any red, itchy or irritated area, it will help in soothing and calm the itchiness. The avocado expressed oil not only nourishes the skin, it also improves the hair growth when massaged into the scalp. The avocado fruit is very nutritious and is supposed to be good baby food. It can be directly applied to the skin by just scrapping off the pulp. The oils in the avocado lubricate and soften the skin and help prevent the appearance of the wrinkles.


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