Anna Hazare Biography



Overview of Anna Hazare:

Name Kisan Baburao Hazare
Birthdate 15th June 1937 (age 75)
Birthplace Bhingar dist. Ahmednagar
Education Class Vll
Profession Social activist
Awards Padmabhushan, Padmashri, care India award
Notable work Anti-corruption moment, RTI act
Parents Baburao Hazare, Laxmibai Hazare


The Early life of Anna Hazare:

Anna Hazare was a common man as millions of other Indians.

He was enjoying a life-like everyone until 1962.India needed more people to join the army during Indo-China war. Anna then joined the army to serve the country.He was in 19th Maratha battalion as a truck driver. During Indo-Pak war, other soldiers in Anna’s team died in bombarding. Fortunately, Anna survived in that attack.

Anna considered it as a new birth and decided to serve his life to the country from that moment.

Anna continued the army and retired after 12 years in 1975 and returned back to his native place Ralegan Siddhi.

Ralegan Siddhi before Anna:

Ralegan Siddhi was a drought-prone village in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. It received only 15mm rainfall per year. People were unemployed, the land was barren and no water. Most of the people were struggling to meet their basic needs.

Development of Ralegan Siddhi by Anna Hazare:

Anna analyzed the situation of the village.Water shedding was important. Anna took the water shedding project In hand.

He united the people of the village and explained the importance of planting trees to stop soil erosion.

He took public meetings as gram sabha and asked opinions of the people.

Within no time Ralegan Siddhi was self-sufficient in food, water and also exported vegetables to Kuwait, muskat, Dubai etc.

He prohibited alcohol in Ralegan Siddhi. He introduced the watershed program, education awareness, untouchability, collective marriages, milk production etc.

Today Ralegan Siddhi provides water to nearby villages and is a model village.

Ralegan Siddhi before and after:

How Anna turned social activist to Anti-corruption leader:

Anna found that corruption is the roadblock in the way of development. In order to do development, corruption must be stopped. In 1991, he started Bharashtar VirodhiJann Andolan (BVJA). He found that many forest officers duped the government for crores of rupees. Later on, six ministers were resigned and more than 400 officers were suspended.He, later on, realised that change of entire system is necessary in order to uproot corruption.

Right to Information act:

Anna Hazare was a pioneer behind RTI known as a right to information act.

In 2003 Anna Hazare did an indefinite fast on Azad Maidan in Mumbai.President of India finally signed the RTI draft after a 12-day hunger strike by Anna.After that Anna travelled across the country to create awareness about the act.

2G scam, CWG scam and many others were the results of RTI act.

Its one of the major success of Anna Hazare.

Awards received by Anna Hazare:


Award Given by year
Indira Priyadarshini vrikshmitra award Prime minister of India  1986
Krishi Bhushana Government of Maharashtra 1989
Padmashri award Government of India 1990
Padmabhushan award Government of India 1992
Jit Gill memorial award World bank 2008
Care International of the USA Transparency International 1998


Jan Lokpal bill team Anna:

RTI was responsible for uprooting the scams in India. But it fails to punish the victims in less time.  Jan Lokpal bill promises to punish the victim in max. 3 years and has many more good features that will help us to stop corruption.

Jan Lokpal bill

To pass this bill Anna needed a national platform so he decided to protest in the capital city DELHI.

Where he is accompanied by Arvind Kejriwal, Bhushan Sisodia, Kiran Bedi, Santosh Hegde, Shanti Bhushan etc. Anna was supported by millions of Indians. Protests were done all over India.

Finally, the government agreed to discuss the bill in parliament resulting to end the indefinite fast.

It made Anna Hazare a national leader of an anti-corruption movement.


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