We need only Justice! Do not politicise my son’s death Ankit Saxena’s Father.

Ankit Saxena
Image source: the Hindu

Ankit Saxena was killed last week by Shehzadi’s family members.

Ankit Saxena a wedding photographer was beaten and was killed in public in Raghubir Nagar West Delhi on Thursday last week. His father said to the media that they just need justice and do not have any hatred towards any community. Ankit had been dating a Muslim girl (Shehzadi) for the last three years and against the wishes of girl’s parents. The girl’s family attacked Ankit on Thursday when he was returning home from work. The attackers were Shehzadi’s Father, mother, and maternal uncle. An eight-inch knife was used and Ankit’s throat was slit in the middle of the street in West Delhi.

Ankit’s Father as reported to Caravan Daily said

I had one son. If I get justice, it’s good. If not, even then I don’t have hatred against any community.

All the accused in the murder has been arrested and the investigation is in the process. In the process of Investigation Vijay Kumar DCP said, the father and uncle admitted the crime and said they are ready to face trial. Ms. Shenaz (Shehzadi’s mother) too accepted her involvement.

DCP Vijay Kumar sad to NDTV

During the investigation, we found that they caught and stabbed Ankit in the neck. The woman’s family was against their relationship as they belonged to different communities and had warned Ankit against associating with her.

Ankit had a big dream and wanted to come on TV but nobody dreamt this way! His friends said that Ankit always believed that ‘no religion is greater than humanity’. He used to take his friends to temple, gurudwara, mosque, and church as he believed in every faith and never discriminated against any religion.

Let the justice be done!

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