Almond Oil For Skin – Benefits & How to Use Almond oil on Skin

Almond Oil For Skin – Benefits & How to Use Almond oil on Skin

Almonds are a tasty nut that is used by every person in their day-to-day life. Some people to take almond as a nut in their diet where some love to combine with sweet dishes or ice creams or any dessert preparation. It can be looked as a complete diet by its amazing combination of vitamins and minerals. The term almonds derived from Old French word almond, which later after few years got its new term from Latin word mandala. And with the passing of times, it finally got the name from the Greek term as almond.The almonds are the species that were grown in some regions of the Middle East and in the South Asia. From ancient days it has been widely used as edible nut or species and had been cultivated. The seed is classified under the species of the peaches but the outer hard encapsulation of the seed makes it stand differently in this species.

The fruit containing almond surrounded by different layers it has an outer hull with a hard shell over the seed which makes it popularly known as not a true nut. Almond is extracted by a process called shelling of almonds which means removing of the hard shell to get the seed. Almonds are available for sale after the process of shelled being removed but a thin layer of shell remains over the nut. But if someone wants to go for processes ready to eat nut then these shell is also removed and coated with salt. All these blanched or shelled almonds are passed through some specific treatments to avoid embryo of the seed and can be stored for long period.

History of Almond Oil

The almond was native to the Mediterranean climate so they were grown in the region of the Middle East and mostly in the eastern region of the Indus. It has its popularity in India from ancient days and popularly known as “Badam”. It had its wide-spread presence from ancient times mostly on the shores of the northern Africa, southern Europe etc and had been transported by the trades to different parts of the world. The almond was first wildly grown in Levant so it has been taken as a form of cultivation in this region. The wild variety of the fruit which was first cultivated contains the glycoside amygdalin which gets a transfer to a prussic acid due to chewing or crushing or hitting the seed by any means. Wild almonds were deadly cyanide by any mishandling can make a person fatal. So it was decided to go for a selection of the sweet variety of the seed type, from the wild bitter types of seed. But it cannot be revealed by the researchers that how the beginning process of selection was carried out and how the human being found the sweet seed? So it till remain a mystery In the history. It is suggested that the Lipsky may be the chosen wild ancestor of the present almond which came for domesticated.

In present days almonds are available in different forms in different stores such as whole, flaked or sliced or as flour. Nowadays the yield of almonds has been increased due to a rapid increase in customers interest in almond oil. Now different processed forms are available such as almond butter and milk. Now it’s not been a bounded product just for sweet or any additive to dishes it’s used as cooking oil or as a cosmetic too.

Almond Oil For Skin – Benefits & How to Use Almond oil on Skin


How to Use Almond Oil For Skin?

  1. It can use as a scrub.

As Almond oil is good carrier oil so it can be mixed with either salt or sugar and can be applied to face as a facial scrub. The salt or sugar used to remove dirt and dead skin cells from the face.

  1. It can use as a facial massage that can be used before going to bed. The massage of the oil helps in reducing dark circles under the eyes and removes the dead skin cells present on the face thus maintains the texture of the facial skin.
  2. It can help in reducing dark circles easily under the eyes which cannot be done easily by a plenty of expensive cosmetic products available.
  3. It can help in cleaning the skin from acne problems or any sensitive skin reaction.
  4. It is excellent facial moisturizer that can be more beneficial if used as a daily moisturizer to soften rough and dry skin.
  5. It can be used as exfoliating which helps in repairing, regenerating and revitalizing the damaged skin.
  6. It helps in removing stretch marks which are resulted due to emollient quality and tightens skin by circular massage it help proper blood circulation and reduce stretch marks.
  7. It can be used as a base oil and prevent the moisture from evaporating the skin. It is essential oil for skin that strengthens and nourishes the skin.
  8. It’s a good makeup remover that can remove the makeup easily by leaving the skin look beautiful.
  9. It works as sun cream lotions that protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

As per the study, there are different companies which manufacture different brands of almond oil for hair. They have different brand names with a variable amount of price range. Here are some of the well knows oil brands that are listed below:

Product name Company Name Price(in rupees)
Nivea Nourishing Body Milk with Almond Oil Nivea 284
Pure Almond Oil Deve Herbes 295
Wells Almond Oil Wells 1110
Khadi Sweet Almond Oil Khadi 235
Life-Flo Pure Almond Oil Life-Flo 2400


These prices suggest that these oils are available in the different price range as per required an individual can choose one. This different price range is due to the quality and quantity of the oil. If someone wants to go for good hair or skin as a repair treatment mixes it with Life-Flo Pure Almond Oil to get a beneficial result. If someone wants to go for treatment of his or her skin then can go for Wells Almond Oil which is a good moisturizer with vitamin E. If one has to go for regular almond oil then can go for oil brands of Khadi Sweet Almond Oil or Pure Almond Oil of Deve Herbes. As we know this oil is obtained from an organic product that is a seed so it’s safe, good and healthy too.

Benefits of Almond Oil For Face:

Sweet almond oil is an essential carrier oil used in aromatherapy as it doesn’t react in any skin type.

Pure almond oil can improve the complexion of the skin and keep the glow of the skin.

It acts as a moisturizer for better and deeper conditioning of the skin.

It soothes any type of skin irritation or inflammation

It helps in delaying ageing process of the skin.

It can be used to lighten the dark circles in the face.

It provides instant relieves to dry skin from itching.

It can make the skin glow with smoothing the skin.

It is the easy way to cures body rashes and chapped lips.

General Use of Almond Oil :

It can be used as a nut and can be used by sprinkling it over the fruit salads on breakfasts or over sweet desserts or ice cream-based dishes.

Almonds can be used in cookies, marzipan, cakes, nougat or can be coated with chocolate.

It can be used to prepare almond butter or almond spread as like peanut butter.

The newly developing fruit of the almond can be consumed while it’s commonly known as green almonds as the outer court is not hard enough at this stage.

Some of the well knows dishes are ready such as Chinese almond biscuits and cookies and also Italian ricciarelli are prepared from almonds.

Oil is a form of neutral and a nonpolar chemical substance which is slippery, smooth and a viscous liquid within a restricted temperature. Oil does not get mixed in with water it literally floats in water but can get easily mixed with other oils. Oils are rich in carbon and hydrogen and are highly flammable substance. In general different variety of oil that can be differentiated from chemical compounds with different structure and properties so that make their use differently. Oils can be extracted from organic or inorganic form. It can be extracted from animal products or petrochemical products. It also can be extracted from different part of plants such as seeds and flower also. There are two types of oils organic and mineral oil. Organic oils are the product from plants or animals that are prepared through natural metabolic processes. Now days these plants oil have gain popularity in the world of cosmetics because of its beneficial factors that it contain in it. These oils are so prepared that can be used to apply on hair and skin. By the application of plant oil on hair it gives a good shiny look with lustrous and prevent it from getting tangled and rough and help promote growth by providing conditioner to it. This plant oil has its presence and importance from ancient day as a good conditioner for hair. It is suggested that oil extracted from coconut, olive, Avocado are best oil as a conditioner for good shiny look.

Almond Oil as Nutritional Source

Almond oil is a good source of vitamin E so it can be used as beneficial oil in many ways. It’s a treasure of essential minerals that includes magnesium and calcium in largest concentration. Almonds are a good source of healthy fat too. Raw almond oil is tasty and can be included in salads or toasts. Basically being a complete diet and nutritious food it has its use in many cosmetic too. Now day’s theses extracted pale yellow almond oil is the main ingredient in hair oils and facial products. It a reach source of vitamin D as compared to other nutritious nut components. Almond oil can be used as good hair oil as well as a good moisturizer for better and deep conditioning of skin.

Almond Oil for Hair :

A few drops of this oil applied and gently massage on the scalp can give comfort from stress. It adds lustre to hair and makes it look shiny and healthy.

One can use this oil as a hair nourished and smooth the hair cuticle.

It can help in growing long, thick and strong hair.

Massaging of almond oil provides shine and controls hair fall.

Every woman is fascinated enough to look beautiful and wants to locks its beauty till age-long so by the application of the almond oil on body skin and face it can be made possible. Due to large consists of vitamins and minerals, it has gained some cosmetic benefits. So nowadays these sweet almond oil is widely used in beauty treatments.


As per the present studies by Food and Agriculture Organization it suggested that 2.00 million tons of almonds are produced across the globe every year. Out of which the United States contributes 0.73 million tons of almond. But it has been revel by the study that there has been 50% decrease in the rate of production of Almond in the United States only as compared to the graph of 2011 and 2013.thus this has affected the total world production by the decrease from 56% to 36% in 2013. The study did not show the reason for decrease it is considered that the demand has increased that of the production.So reaches are trying to relate the facts to overcome the situation. Overall we can say that Almond oil contains all essential vitamins and minerals for a good, health and beauty skin. It includes vitamins like A, D and E. For this above exiting and the important reason it has its importance in cosmetic products also. The oil can be said as good, simple and nourishing oil for skin and hair. And it’s the prime ingredient in the well-maintained skin and hair. One can choose any brand product to gain the benefits of the oil for face, skin of the body and hair too. If it can be probably mixed by the person with some other oil or product such as honey, sandalwood powder etc then it can be a useful face mask for glowing skin.


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