4 Amazing Benefits of Lemon Juice on Face

Benefits of Lemon Juice on Face

Lemon juice! The first thing that pops into mind is sipping on that icy lemon juice drink on a summer day. That might be the same case with almost everyone here. Lemon is added to our food items on almost daily basis. Well, apart from adding sour taste and fresh flavour to our food items, it has some magical benefits for the skin. Through the course of this article, you will find amazing Lemon Juice benefits for the skin.

Lemon Juice on Face Skin

  • It is nothing but the Ascorbic acid or citric acid. 
  • It is full of vitamin C, which is good for health as well as skin.
  • can act as a natural bleaching agent for skin

There are many ways in which one can use the lemon juice for your facial skin. You have to choose which is best one for you according to skin type and its needs.

Benefits of Lemon Juice on Face


Lemon Juice as Bleach

As lemon has the natural bleaching properties, it can be very well used for lightning the tone of the skin. It can have following benefits as

  • Removes Dark spots on the skin gradually
  • Keeps the skin tone light and gives you fairer skin
  • gets rid of dead skin on your face.
  • Gets rid of blackheads

Tip:  Take two spoons of lemon juice. Add a spoon of curd into it. Apply it to your face properly. Keep it for 10 mins. Remove it with water while massaging in circular motion. You will see the results.

Lemon Juice For acne

  • It can work well on the acne and gets rid of that oily acne prone skin.
  • Act as a

Tip: As this contains the citric acid. It can act as a toner for the skin and prevents the excessive secretion of oil. Apply the diluted lemon juice on face after you wash it. Not the concentrated one. This will act as a toner for your skin and will keep it dry.Thus can prevent acne breakouts.

Lemon Juice For Clear Skin

well, you can use lemon juice as exfoliating agent for your skin along with some other natural ingredients.

Tip: Take two spoons of lemon juice. Add a spoonful of coarsely ground sugar into it.Not the fine sugar! Add a spoon of curd and honey into it. Apply it gently to your face.(Be careful if you have acne. Do not break it.) This will act like a scrub for your skin. Wash it with lots of water. You will see the glowing skin after this.

Note: It must be taken care that, when you are applying the lemon juice on the skin, you should not expose your skin to the direct sun. There is a possibility of darkening of that area. Please avoid going into the sunlight after applying lemon juice as your skin is sensitive to it.

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