15 Outfit Ideas to stay cool and stylish this summer


Summer Style Introduction

Summer is the time when we can finally pack up our sweaters and woolen tops and give our wardrobe a colorful look to be summer ready. Even though is not an easy climate to handle with endless sweat and prickly heat we can still keep it fresh with the right choice of outfit and accessories. Fabric like cotton and breathable fabrics are the best for this season to stay away from rashes and prickly heat and most importantly to look smart and polished.

Dress up smart and able to manage the weather is the smart choice isn’t it? Let us have a look on below interesting yet stylish ideas to dress up this summer and beat the heat.

  1. Be colorful

Summer need not be all white be as colorful as possible. It will make you feel fresh, it looks stylish and cool. There is no way one should avoid whites to face the sun, you can still wear white bottoms with colorful tops such as turquoise blue, aqua blue, sky blue, pastel colors. So embrace bright colors in cotton fabric or any breathable fabric this summer.

  1. Dress up in yellow and beat the heat

Image source: Pinterest

A bright colored cotton kurti can make anyone look cool and trendy be it a homemaker, a working woman or even a college goer. Kurti has come into to the fashion industry and a must have in every Indian wardrobe no matter what the climate is. The yellow color is a perfect pick for a summery look and above kurti is an option which can be paired up with jeans, jeggings, leggings or even with comfortable white pyjamas.

 3. Remember saree’s are never out of fashion

Image source: Pinterest

Our mothers wear cotton sarees especially in summer which helps them to manage the summer as well as the heat in the kitchen while doing her daily chores. A cotton saree is not only for our mothers it can be worn in a business meeting, for work, for festivals and even to break the routine of wearing the same type of outfits. The occasion does not matter to wear a saree as it has its own charm and it gives a sexy yet elegant look. A simple plain saree paired with contrast well-fitted blouse can never go wrong and Vidya Balan had proved that only in this image but on many occasions.

Go for cotton saree this summer and break the monotony. If you wear saree on regular basis stick to it and share your tips with us.

4. Less is more for summer:

Never overdo your makeup, hair accessory or even with your clothes. Keep it simple. Stick to accessories like a basic stud or simple neck piece and keep heavy accessories for other seasons. In case you want to layer up your clothes use light cotton fabric and layer it as per your color preferences and mood. Again do not go for too dark colors pick up cool colors to create your own style statement. Tie your hair into a loose ponytail or a simple braid. There are many braid options which look tough but actually are very simple to keep your hair away from damage. You can also wear a hat to keep your hair and yourself protected from harmful rays in summer. You can also go with colorful wooden bangles to give a chic look to your white outfit.

5. Look polished at work with cotton fabric:

Cotton ladies blazer paired with light top and pants
Image source:Aliexpress.com

Ganji draped lightweight jackets or adding a scarf will give you a polished look. A Tailor-made business suit is a must-have if you have to wear a suit often. A crisp white cotton shirt paired up with a well-fitted jacket and a trouser will never go wrong for a business meeting, presentation or even for interviews. You can also go for a pencil skirt in cotton but ensure you are not flashing your panty lines. Wearing comfortable cotton undergarments is also very important you can also go for seamless panties or even thongs.

6. Say hello to linen, chiffon, and georgette

Colourful linen fabric for summers
Image source: Indiamart.com

Fabrics like cotton linen will not only keep your skin breathable it will also help you stay away from the stinky day. Fabrics like chiffon and georgette are very light and can be used for summer. Chiffon or georgette is generally used as dupatta or stole. Again you have the freedom to mix and match and create unique combination and style for yourself.

7. Welcome funky colors and Bohemian Vibes

Funky bohemian skirt paired with simple top
Image source: outfittedtrends.com

The fabric with above color combination and design is a must this summer. The vibrant color will add up your mood and will help you stay fresh and confident. You can look for such fabrics to create a fashion piece and impress everyone with your choice.

8. Pair up Ethnic Short kurta and jeans

Ethnic short kurti paired up with jeans
Image source: Letsgetdressed.in

Ethnic wear is inseparable from Indian wardrobe. The beauty of ethnic wear is it can be paired mix and matched. Instead of dark coloured ethnic kurti you can opt for some other colour or even a plain white short kurti will simple accessories would be a smart choice. Jeans may not be preferred by everyone especially during summer, however, some jeans fabric is lighter and wearable even in summers.

9. Simple cotton yellow t-shirt and jeans for that interesting look

Simple yellow t-shirt and colourful bag
Image source: gurl.com

Yellow seems to be the colour of this summer. This simple yellow t-shirt looks elegant and stylish. Using appropriate accessory create a different look to any attire. You can take inspiration with this look and create your own comfy attire for this summer. You can pair up with jeggings or even with well-fitted pants.

10.Look as happy as a flower Go floral this summer:

Go floral this summer
Image source: houseofaiyla

A floral pattern in your outfit can be big or small, bright or in a lighter shade. Floral tops, kurtis are essential in summers. A floral pattern looks good on skirts, maxi dresses and even on shirts.

11. Super cool colourful scarves:

Add more colours to your outfit with colourful scarves

A scarf not only increases the style quotient of attire. It also rescues you from the scorching heat. You can also use as a headgear or tie it around your neck in different ways to give a new look every time you wear. A scarf preferably should be in cotton or breathable fabric however, a colourful light fabric can also be used. Choice of the print and designs is all it takes. A colourful, vibrant and unique designs scarves or stoles will take your attire to next level.

12. Wide-legged cotton pants for breathable legs

Wide-legged pants for style and breathable legs
Image source: www.greatplains.co.uk

Your legs will thank you for this fabric. Wide-legged pants can be paired with a well-fitted top and layered tops. Give yourself a break from your jeans and tights and try out a new look with these comfy pants with a top or tee of your choice. You can also ditch your heels for a day and wear flats or even glittery flip-flops.

13. Mix match cotton tops with trouser

Cotton tops and trousers Image source: Pinterest

A simple cotton top and cotton pants can do wonder the way you look this summer. This is yet another mix and match option for your wardrobe. No matter how much ever we go shopping for our clothes we always end up having nothing to wear. The mix and match is not just a way to wear your clothes it is an art and gives a major shift in looks and personality. Stores like fabindia, Westside, lifestylestores have huge collections of cotton clothes and you can pick your favorite this summer. Check out respective websites or visit their stores nearby for more details.

14. Flaunt your body with crop tops or midriff tops

Summer is all about crop top
Image source: Myntra.

Flaunt your midriff this summer and do not worry about the tan. Crop top goes really well with high waist pants or even with wide bottom pants or cotton pants. Crop tops are airy and cool and you should try this summer if you have not tried yet.

15. Add a personal touch to your outfit and always love yourself.

Loving yourself is the best fashion statement

Everyone has a unique dressing style or adding a personal touch when all the makeup is done. It is not about right or wrong it is just what makes you happy. Fashion and styling should make you feel comfortable and help you to put your best foot forward. Your clothes should reflect your personality. We would never want to wear an outfit which does not make us feel comfortable right?

A personal touch may be the way you tie your hair or the way you apply kohl to your eyes or the way you can smile. Follow your heart and dress up like there is no tomorrow.

We hope the ideas and inspiration listed above helps you bring out the best in you. Remember beauty comes in all shapes and Size. You are beautiful the way you are.
Enjoy this summer and Happy Styling. 


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