Festival of colors, HOLI is here. This festival brings positivity to the world. It welcomes the spring season. It signifies the victory of good over evil.

While you are super excited to play HOLI, it is also important to take care of your skin and make it Damage proof. Which means you need a Holi skin care?

So here we are, to share with you wonderful yet simple ways to keep your skin free from damage.

1. Oil your hair from the roots to tip.

Holi skin care

Playing with colors not only damage your skin it also takes a toll on hair. Ensure to apply a generous amount of oil on your hair before heading to play with colors. Go for coconut oil or any oil which you regularly use. Oiling your hair will help you to get rid of the colors without efforts while shampooing. And you will have damage free shiny hair post-Holi Celebrations.


2. Oil your skin

Holi skincare

This Holi skin care is keeping your skin and hair oily. Ditch your fancy creams and lotions, and apply oil on to your skin before stepping out to play Holi. You can use coconut oil or almond oil. Applying oil will protect your skin and the colors won’t stay long on to your skin. Most importantly your skin will be damage proof. A great moisturizer too.


3. Do not forget to apply sunscreen

Holi skincare

Another tip for Holi skin care is Sunscreen. We all know, sunscreen protects us from the harmful UV rays and protects our skin from tanning. Use SPF 50+ sunblock to protect your skin and to stay away from other skin problems.


4. Apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly to your nails:

Holi skincare

This will be a protective layer for your nails and colors won’t settle in the corners of your nails and cuticle. Apply a thick coat of nail polish. Vaseline and petroleum jelly will act as a second layer of protection and will make your cleaning job easy.


5. Watch out for cuts and wound

Holi Skin care

If you already have a cut or a wound in the process of healing, apply a band-aid or cover the wound with surgical tape depending on how deep the wound is. Keeping a band-aid is advisable, you never know when you may need it.


6. Use organic Colors:

Holi skin care

Stay away from harmful chemical holi colors and say hello to organic colors this holi. This way you are protecting yourself and the environment. You can use turmeric powder, besan, and henna powder. Check with google for further DIY holi colors.  This is beyond Holi skin care, isn’t it?


7. This Holi Stay hydrated while you enjoy playing with water and colors: 

Holi skin care

Drinking enough water will keep you hydrated and keep your energy levels high. Drink clean water throughout your holi celebrations and enjoy to the fullest.


8.  Embrace natural face-mask

Holi Skin care

Many of us scrub really hard our face and body to get rid of the skin. Scrubbing is a big NO as it damages the skin. As soon as you finish playing holi you can dust off the colors from your hair and body. You can rinse off the colors with plain water and then apply curd or any chemical free moisturizer. Rub gently and then have a bath using herbal soap or homemade pack,ubtan. This seems a lengthy process, but believe us it is anytime better than scrubbing hard and having bath 5-10 times to get rid of the color. You can thank us later.  


9. Sunglasses 

Holi skin care

The best way to protect your eyes from the colors is to wear a sunglass. This will protect your eyes from the sun, protect your eyes from colors and a stylish way to celebrate the Festivals of Colors.


10. Consult a Dermatologists or a Doctor

Holi skin care

If you still get a rash or an allergy to your skin you can apply aloe vera gel for a mild break out. However, if the skin irritation or the damage does not settle. Kindly visit a Dermatologists without delay.

Follow these holi skin care tips and have fun unlimited

Happy Holi Folks




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