10 Foods good for beautiful and healthy Skin

healthy Skin

Do we spend so much of our money and time on worrying about our skin?

Getting cautious about your skin is a good thing because it adds to your personality and appearance…think over it..how much we spend on cosmetics?and discover no good results?

but to your plus point..eating right food can give your skin all the glow and fairness and all the results you want…

healthy Skin


so..lets have a look at the daily diet foods that can make your skin GLOW and be BEAUTIFULLY SMOOTH..!!


           Surprised?? yes but its true…drinking plenty of water throughout the day can make your skin more beautiful.

            The scientific reason behind it is, it increases the natural hydration of the body. Toxin from the body are given out and the skin becomes hydrated and fresh.

            Ideally, we must drink about 9-10 glasses of water in a day, so that our body remains well hydrated and skin becomes clean toxin-free…

2)Low-fat dairy products, yoghurt:

             Low-fat dairy products have a pretty amount of vitamin A in it. Carotene in natural form i.e. vitamin A is not only good for your skin but also your health on a whole.

Yoghurt especially, have essential bacteria in it, which are good for our body.These improve the digestion system. And a good digestion makes the more toxins given out from a body and adding to the skin.Skin becomes more clear and pimple breakouts reduce.

3)Strawberries, Blackberries, Tomatoes:

             hmm…now something which you will love to eat is here on our list..yes..eating your favourite strawberries, blackberries ..can make your skin

more healthy and beautiful. It has the antioxidants in it. antioxidants stop the premature ageing of the skin…

so if you want to keep your skin wrinkle free for years…

tomatoes reduce many of the skin problems…add these berries and tomatoes to your regular diet..and

discover the amazing results in your skin…

4)Walnuts, Fish oil, Seafoods, Olives:

                         walnuts, fish oils, seafood have the essential fatty acids which are good for the body. Yeas..I know..you might have heard all fats are bad for

health… But there are some fats called omega fatty acids which are good for your health.

                      olives are said to have the good amount of vitamin A and omega fatty acids in it. Olives are good for health and also your skin.

It makes the skin well nourished.

5)Cereals, Whole Grain Foods:      

               We easily just crave on the readily available junk foods like bread and all..these foods are processed foods. these foods are also called as White

foods..white food is not good for the health, digestion and skin. such white foods often are the reason for the skin breakouts.

so..we must avoid white food as much as possible and substitute it with the whole grain foods. these food have selenium content in it.selenium is good for

the health and skin. 

6)Cottage Cheese:

 now the thing which you like is on our list..cheese..!!

especially, the cottage cheese has the selenium content in it. selenium is known for protecting from the danger of the skin cancer.

so..eat cheese and enjoy and stay free from skin cancer.

7)Green Tea:

                  Green tea is a very healthy beverage to drink and that you can enjoy too…

It has anti-inflammatory properties. The people who drink green tea regularly are less prone to get the skin cancer easily.

it also reduces the damage from the UV light.

8)Oranges, Grapefruits, Mangoes:

                         oranges and grapefruits are full of Vitamin C in it. vitamin C revitalizes the cells of the skin, giving it the glow and reduces the wrinkles on the skin.

   mangoes are rich in Vitamin A.it helps in repairing the skin cells.

its free radicals prevent the skin from the damage.


              almonds are full of Vitamin E. almonds are famous for the great skin complexion. Vitamin E makes the skin supple and nourishes the skin..makes it smoother.


    broccoli has not only one but many many health benefits.it is rich in Vitamin A. cells gets renewed with it. its overall good for the health and the skin …

so make sure to add these foods to your diet to get that glowing healthy skin..!!


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